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Someone has been hacking Topsy. If you go there and do a search for “derp brain radio,” you’ll get this (click to embiggen):DBRsearchThe first five tweets are attributed to me. However, clicking on the Reply button for the first three shows these:201306161302Z201306161251Z201306161614ZNone of those tweets from 16 June, 2013 are mine. Given that a bunch of @AaronWorthing tweets had been doctored to come up as mine on Topsy (they don’t on Twitter), I got to wondering if any other accounts had been similarly diddled with. And, sure enough …TriggerSafety1TriggerSafety2That’s a tweet from army_vet about a picture of Bill Schmalfeldt brandishing an AR15. The one thing in common among all the bogus tweets is that they relate to Schmalfeldt. I can understand why Team Kimberlin is desperate to pin the ID of Kimberlin Unmasked on someone, so it makes some sense to try to tag me, but I don’t understand the point of trying to equate me with Aaron Walker or army_vet. Both have attended court hearings and have been seen by Schmalfeldt as being a separate person from me.


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  1. On Neal Rauhauser’s blog (no I won’t link to it:

    “A few days ago I received a log of IP addresses used by a Twitter account. Inside I found a wonderland of residential addresses, overseas hosting providers, what looks to be some shady crimeware friendly VPN provider, and record of the account creator’s travels in Italy.”

    It does not say here that NR requested this from Twitter. It says “he received,” passive voice.

    Does BS really want to start a criminal investigation over this data breach?

  2. Hey, I remember sending that tweet. Could not believe that someone that claimed to be a “combat medic with the Marines” and to have “pulled Marines out of the Beirut barracks” would sit there with that stupid grin pointing a weapon in an unsafe direction with his finger on the trigger.

    Say, wasn’t it then where he claimed his son had a FFL? Yep, and it turned out it was for Antiques and Collectibles which didn’t cover the weapon his was holding. Yep, Schmalfeldt is stupid as ever. And still being played by his “friends”.

  3. It appears that Topsy, when returning search result, does not show whether what is tweeted is a retweet or not. If you click on the “1 more” or “2 more” or “3 more” etc that it does indicate that what was shown was a retweet and not the original tweet. Retweets at shown to look like original tweets and is just the way Topsy is designed to show search results.

    • Having said that, Topsy appears to be an easy way for an unscrupulous person to dishonestly portray a screenshot of a “tweet” that was actually a retweet. Maybe that is why some people don’t officially “retweet” but instead use the RT tag.

      • Well Twitter has a heavy based text API, so actually clicking the RT button used to (I don’t know if they’ve changed) actually just send the tweet out in your name with “RT” in front.

        In fact, in the old days if you just viewed someone’s twitter without logging in you’d see their RT’s analog style (even if they used the “Retweet button.”)

        I know this because before I signed up for the twitters I used to just pop in and read a few people’s tweets on a semi-regular basis. And the day I finally got an account I noticed that a huge chunk of the “RT” style tweets converted to actual Retweets.

        Topsy seems to be chopping off the “RT” part when it displays a tweet.


        That’s a search for “RT” (no quotes) from our host. You get a bunch of tweets that look like his, but don’t say “RT” anywhere in them.
        Indeed if you look at them closely, it’s clear Mr. Hoge used the a “Retweet” button (as it shows up as “Retweeted” by him, which it wouldn’t if he RT’d analog style.)

        TL;DR, Topsy is horribly broken in it’s search function, and almost seems if it was put together by someone who doesn’t actually understand how twitter works.)

  4. Is it possible to opt out of Topsy results? I can’t seem to bring up any search results for cabinboyradio.

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