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Did you ever watch Gunsmoke on TV? Do you remember the opening? The guy down the street draws his gun first. Matt Dillion draws and fires in response. Now, pointing a gun at someone is assault, and shooting him is battery. And killing him is homicide. So why doesn’t Matt Dillion wind up on the gallows? Because Matt, unlike Han, shot second. He was responding to the threatening actions of the other guy which makes his assault (and homicide) justified.

The same principle applies in the alleged assault of Brett Kimberlin by Aaron Walker. The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin made what to a reasonable person could be a threatening move by raising his iPad up as if to strike Aaron Walker, and Mr. Walker took it away from him. (TDPK now claims that he was simply trying to use the iPad’s camera to take a picture of Mr. Walker. Photography is forbidden in Maryland courthouses without a judge’s express permission.)

When TDPK sought a peace order based on the altercation, he claimed assault as one of the bases. When a judge heard both sides of the story during the final hearing in the District Court, he found that any assault that might have occurred was a justified response to TDPK’s provocation, and assault was dropped as a basis for the peace order. The Circuit Court later ruled that there was no basis for a peace order at all and threw it out.

Actually, an assault may have occurred on the 9th floor of the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse on 9 January, 2012. Brett Kimberlin’s threatening gesture toward Aaron Walker may have constituted an assault. Regardless, TDPK’s claims of being assaulted are pure nonsense. They’ve already been reviewed by a judge and thrown out. They’re in the same category as his claim of selling dope to Dan Quayle or his sooper sekrit exoneration or so many of his fanciful tales.


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  1. Speaking of Montgomery Court, I found it interesting that Kimberlin’s associate, Neal Rauhauser, is now claiming he’s been a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland for the past 2-1/2 years. Isn’t this the same county that Kimberlin lives in? He vehemently denied this to several people for the longest time, but finds it useful to say because he’s joined the Montgomery County Patch community. There, he is going after another City Council and claiming to have their financial records. The goal seems to be interfering in elections again.

    Someone who actually lives in Maryland should complain to that site as he’s lying and using it as an excuse to harass people again. At last look over there, he hasn’t gotten one comment which doesn’t surprise me at all.

    For someone who has charges against him everywhere and warrants and owes 10 years of child support, he has some nerve poking his nose in anyone else’s business. I hope his ex-wife teaches him a good lesson soon! These people just don’t know when to stop, do they?

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