In Re Bill Schmalfeldt

This afternoon, I participated in a mediation session with Bill Schmalfeldt relating to the criminal charges now pending against him. We reached the following agreement:

1. Schmalfeldt agrees to abide by the peace order extension to include refraining from contact via @mentions on Twitter.
2. Schmalfeldt agrees to drop his appeal of the extension of the peace order.
3. I have agreed to recommend that the pending criminal charges be dropped, and I have done so.
4. I have agreed that any criminal charges may be expunged.

I do not wish to make any further comments on this matter.

UPDATE—At 9:30 this evening, I read the Bill Schmalfeldt’s post Peace Declared in Hoge-Schmalfeldt Flame War, and, while I would not describe the events of the past year or so as a “flame war,” his description of the agreement we reached today is accurate.

22 thoughts on “In Re Bill Schmalfeldt

  1. I for one, sincerely hope that that is the end of this entire mess and that BS leaves you alone from here on out, however I’m not holding my breath over it. Time will tell but good luck and God Bless.

  2. Can you comment on the rumor that Bill has agreed to hand over evidence against Kimberlin? Is there a gag order in place?

    • Lot of chatter from his friends about that rumor. They seem to fear that BS would provide info in exchange for leniency.

      • To an extent, they should fear what BS might say. But BS is so unreliable that odds are great that he’d leak any info in exchange for anything from leniency to a sandwich.

  3. Hopefully you will now get some peace. Based on the Cabin Boys last blog posts I doubt it, but I sincerly hope he abides by his agreement to finally obey the law.

  4. If he abides by the peace order, everybody wins. Except the go-between he was talking about. I wouldn’t want to be that person.

  5. In less than four weeks he’ll be back at it. As far as he’s concerned, he won. I understand you want it behind you, but…

    • I’ve always noted that willfully violating the peace order against him will be an effective strategy for Bill Schmalfeldt right up until the day he goes to jail. I guess that day won’t be anytime soon.

      Schmalfeldt’s characterization that a “flame war” entered a truce belies the fact that he doesn’t admit to himself, or anyone else, that his actions have been criminal. An apology requires that one admit what one has done, acknowledge the harm one’s wrongdoing has caused, make amends as fully as possible, and resolve to never do likewise again. Schmalfeldt has failed on four accounts.

  6. Mediating a resolution is a good plan. However, I hope your agreement has provision for enforcing any inevitable breach of the agreement by BS.

    He’s demonstrated an utter lack of self-control.

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