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RICOMadnessThe Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin often has trouble keeping his stories straight, even when they’re written down. Here’s what he alleged in his Amended Compliant in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness:AmendedComplaint115Here’s what he alleged in his response to the motions to dismiss filed by Aaron Walker and me:BK_ECF29-32

In the complaint he alleges that all of the defendants were in the mythical RICO Enterprise from November, 2011. Now, he saying most of the defendants were in the common scheme. Also, notice that he says “have been or are now involved.” He’s not too clear on who was in when and who is still a part of his imaginary scheme. In any case, either all the defendants were in full-time from November, 2011, until he filed his Amended Complaint in mid October, 2013, or he has misstated the truth in that complaint.

Gentle Reader, do you think Glen Beck and Simon & Schuster have been in league with me since 2011, or do you think that TDPK if full of it?

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  1. A few quick points.

    1) Brett Kimberlin has used his one “free” amendment to his complaint. Now, he is asking to amend his complaint a second time without court permission.

    2) His amended complaint is nonsense. It asserts no torts beyond equivocating on the meaning of “inciting others to harm plaintiff,” which could be as benign as encouraging readers to exercise their right to petition grievances to States Attorneys.

    3) His amended complaint is dangerous nonsense. Freedom of press includes the freedom of the for-profit press. The state’s interests in which efforts the press use to increase their ratings begins and ends with assuring that only lawful means are used to pursue increases in ratings. The press, for instance, may advocate the banning of trans-fat with legal impunity even if doing so harms the business interests of trans-fat manufactures.

  2. I’m still confused about what he might think you’ve written/said which might harm him. His actual criminal record is a matter of fact. Speculation about the age of his wife when they married is only significant because of his pervy music and the fact that his AUTHORIZED biography mentions a special relationship w/a very young girl. You guys really hit a nerve. But I think the attention is clearly what he craves. He wants to be famous.

    Get him on the stand, make him mad and ask him if he ordered the code red. Might work.

    • I still think he is trying to keep them on the defense. And keep everyone away from his hidden doings. Of course it may backfire if all this makes it to court.

    • His bio also includes a few other eyebrow raising connections to young girls. First thing he does out of prison is “aggressively” chat up a young girl on the bus. p 11

      See pg 328: “He didn’t mind going out of his was, because he was havinga romance, if you could call it that, with Lisa’s friend, who was then fifteen years old”
      He was acting out a similar MO as with the Barton clan, with at least one other lonely mom, gaining access to daughter/niecee with clothes buying expeditions…

      pg 216 -He struck up a relationship deemed innappropriate by those aware of it with a young troubled girl, going as far as to take legal action as “next friend” to restore his access to her when it was cut off.

      There is the love affair with young “model/simger” Juilya Cupikova, in which he invents a tale of her hero worship of his great American political prisoner-hood and the same old “chaste love/ waiting until she comes of age” cover story. that repeats and repeats in his bio and the TK story.

  3. What “false narratives” is BK referring to, and how do they create a RICO style criminal enterprise? All of BK’s claims appear totally frivolous and devoid of substance and common sense. How will he support these claims in court? That will be interesting to see, if not downright amusing.

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