He Didn’t See It Here

After returning home from church and having lunch, I checked in on my Twitter timeline and found this:@wjjhogeTL201401261800ZCurious, I took a look at @CabinBoyRadio and found this:@cabinboyradio201401261623ZSince I had no idea what Schmalfeldt was talking about, I checked out his blog. It seems that he is trying to pin a bunch of “spam” comments to his blog on me. Of course, none of them are written in anything like the style of my tweets or comments on other blogs. None of them come any IP address associated with me. The IPs appear to be spoofed rather than TOR IPs because at least one is from AT&T Wireless, an unlikely spot for a TOR node.

I also found this rant.P-O21040126There are several places where he may have seen that name before, but he never saw it in a post on this blog. I’m sure of that. I just ran a global search of all posts, this was the search return (Click the image to embiggen it.):ScreenCap201401261804Z
I see three possible sources for the comments that Schmalfedt complains about. The first would be someone opposed to Team Kimberlin who is yanking Schmalfeldt’s chain. If that’s the case, I hope whoever it is stops. The second possibility is that a member of Team Kimberlin or a supporter/eneabler is doing it to stir up trouble. The third is that Schmalfeldt created the comments himself in an attempt to run the “accuse the accuser” play one more time.

Whatever. He didn’t see that name in a Hogewash! blog post.

UPDATE—After my Sunday afternoon nap, I checked my Twitterz again and found more tweets about Schmalfeldt and evidence. So I went over to @CabinBoyRadio again and found that he had posted some tweets allegedly from me. I was puzzled where he found them, because I couldn’t remember sending them. Then he tweeted this link to Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson: http://topsy.com/s?q=schmuckfeldt%20from%3Awjjhoge&type=tweet. I clicked on it and found the tweets that he was claiming were mine. This one bothered me.forged_tweet 363781895428907009I don’t cc myself on Twitter. What’s the point? So I clicked on the Reply button of the top tweet and got this.forger_tweet355754735903428608That’s not my tweet, is it? Indeed, it is tweet number 355754735903428608 which was sent by @AaronWorthing.@aaronworthing20130712

None of the other tweets are mine either.

This is not the first time that Bill Schmalfeldt has been caught trying to forge evidence. He would be well advised to stop. Very soon. As in now.

UPDATE 2—I notice he also tries to use postings at hogewash dot net as evidence. Oh, please! That site ran copies of the obscene images Schmalfeldt created of me last summer. It’s clearly not a site associated with or controlled by me.

UPDATE 3—If the Gentle Reader would like to see the original tweets on Twitter, click here and scroll down to last July.

UPDATE 4—Here’s what turns up when one does the same Topsy word search on @AaronWorthing:topsy_AW_SchmuckfeldtAs you can see, the “Hitler is not happy …” tweet is Aaron Walker’s which proves absolutely nothing about the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked. It does, however, confirm that what Schmalfeldt has been trying to peddle is bogus.


31 thoughts on “He Didn’t See It Here

  1. I hope whoever is leaving bad reviews stops, not because BS’s constant state of outrage would improve, but because it is grossly unfair to the author of the book. If you read the book and didn’t like it, that’s one thing, but people work hard to write books and deserve fair reviews by those who have read them.

  2. I’m pretty sure at least some of his “friends” enjoy the name if they don’t call him that behind his back, because he’s such an error-prone doofus; (that, and Kimberlin laughed at him in court.)

    Any of the possibilities from a conflict cupid, to Munchausens by Bill, to a person out to get Bill’s goat do an injustice to the author. Being friend’s with Schmalfeldt is its own punishment.

  3. So, all the times BS saw “Schmuckfeldt” from his Google search, did he not notice it was from hogewash(dot)net, described as “a parody of Hogewash dot com (no I won’t link to it)”? Does he not read/click links? Or use common sense? Rhetorical questions, of course.

    • And now his current Twitter “proof” searching Twitter analytics notes that Mr. Hoge has responded to OTHERS using the “Schuck” term, never using it himself. But yes, clear evidence of whatever BS it thinking in that fever swamp of an intellect, I guess.

  4. Let’s see here. Team Kimberlin was caught faking a death threat. http://patterico.com/2012/06/26/strong-circumstantial-evidence-that-brett-kimberlin-is-astroturfing-the-alleged-threats-against-him-and-his-allies/

    Brett Kimberlin is a convicted document forger who got caught eating a few documents.

    Brett was accused by his wife of forging her birth cert so he could marry her young.

    Brett was caught peddling forged documents in the state and federal case.

    So why should anyone exercising due dilligence believe any of us made the Schmuckfeldt review?

    • You seem pretty calm for someone THROWN UNDER A SPEEDING BUS OF TREACHERY. How does it feel to be STABBED IN THE BACK by all of us RATS FLEEING THE SINKING SHIP? The DEFINITIVE PROOF of your CRIMES is in plain sight! We are all COCKROACHES running from the pure light of LORD SCHMUCKFELDT.

      Whew, channeling BS is tiring. My brain isn’t used to abandoning all reason and accountability while in a fever swamp of hysteria.

  5. Enough with the stupid Topsy searches already. Just scrawl it in crayon on a grocery bag and blame whoever flips your lid today.

    I gotta believe Wils8 is only a sock puppet. No self respecting person would give CB any level of respect and call him “jefe”. Sloppy kisses or what. Gotta be a construct.

    • Yes the “research” has NR’s sticky fingerprints all over it. BS couldn’t find his nether regions with both hands and a compass.

  6. He’s on a perjury kick again. The last time he had 39 8×10 glossy … I mean exhibits. I wonder if this time he’s going to haul in the gypsy who taught him how to cast curses to testify re: perjury.

  7. BREAKING: Walker wears socks. KU wears socks. Therefore, KU = Walker. Hoge knows Walker wears socks, therefore he knows that Walker is KU. Except on Tuesdays, when BS blames the dogs for pooping in his bed, and the Patterico = KU. Except if there’s a full moon, then Black Betty = KU. If BS’s hemorrhoids are acting up, then all bets are off.

    • Exactly. BS never seems to understand that the three things needed for causation are correlation (he gets that… sometimes), temporal order (eh, a bit less for him), and elimination of alternative explanations (hardly ever addressed by BS). But bless his dumb heart, he’s SO SURE each and every time. I’d almost pity him, if he didn’t strike me personally as a sociopathic monster.

      • A reminder and, of course, something useful for WJJH to remember, is BS’s admission a few weeks ago that due to PD, nothing he says any more can be trusted.

    • Schmalfeldt continues to embarrass himself. Obviously, he is fishing for information. He throws out speculation as fact in the hopes that the responses he receives clue him in on the real identity of Kimberlin Unmasked. Unfortunately for Schmalfeldt, the responses he receives are from people who don’t know who Kimberlin Unmasked is. No amount of teasing is going to inadvertently let slip information one does not possess. On the otherhand, just about everyone who posts here knows Bill Schmalfeldt is an ignorant nutter. Throwing out speculation as fact only allows the folks here to further ridicule Schmalfeldt as the intellectual lightweight that he is.

  8. He is totally oblivious to the fact his “friends” are setting him up.

    He’s going to show the evidence he has developed to the SA?

    Hey, it is from someone he trusts.

  9. CB Stated Logic:
    1. We are going to put all this behind us with mediation. He just has to come to the mediation and be honest. The lickspittles won’t have anything further to talk about after the mediation.
    2. I caught him in a lie and am going to try to have him arrested when I meet with the SA after mediation.
    3. Hoge is KU….nope….AW is KU…. Somebody has to be KU. And TK will be victorious when we find out who is KU.

    • The problem that TK fails to grasp is that it doesn’t matter who KU is anymore. And it doesn’t matter if they ever find out who KU is. At this point, their “quest” has become so deranged and obsessive, they have now gone “Full Rauhauser”.

      And like Zapem, KU has already won.

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