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Ever quick to step in it, Bill Schmalfeldt has posted a reaction to the motion I filed yesterday in the Kimberlin v. The Universe,et al. RICO Madness concerning lack of service on court filings to me by The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin (No, I won’t link to it.). Apparently, TDPK gave him the tracking number for the piece of mail that I was supposedly sent, and Schmalfeldt has published the USPS tracking information associated with it.BK_missing_mailI took that information over to the Westminster post office this morning. Although USPS policy is to hold such mail for 15 days after the first delivery attempt, there isn’t any mail being held for anyone at my address, and I have received no notice of attempted delivery. The Postal Service has opened an investigation.

There are some clues to what might have happened in the tracking information.

First, look at the time the notice was left—9:55 am. The mail for the route I am on usually doesn’t leave the post office for delivery until afternoon. In fact, while I was at the post office around 11 am this morning, they handed me today’s mail because it had not gone out for delivery yet.

Second, look at the time between Sorting Complete and Notice Left—2 minutes. In order to make it from the post office to my house in 2 minutes, the mail truck would have to average over 50 mph through downtown Westminster while going through at least three traffic lights and two stop signs.

Given those clues, I wonder … was the mail was misaddressed? In any event, I look forward to hearing the report from the USPS.

UPDATE—There is a third clue in the tracking information. There is no scan entry for Out for Delivery.

UPDATE 2—According to USPS Guidelines, if mail is being held, a second notice should be delivered on the fifth calendar day following the first attempt at delivery. I received no such notice on the 23rd.

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  1. Mail has been lost before. But BK is really quite a stubborn little creep, and it would be like him to chafe against the court’s reprimand/warning and direction to follow the rules. He would find a sly way to break them, with plausible deniability, if he could. “Writing the direction very ill” would be one way to manage that.

  2. The tracking times are out of sequence as well. The most recent information is generally at the top of the report and the shipping process can be tracked sequentially in reverse as you read down the report. The times documented above make no sense whatsoever.

  3. Answer to the time stamp puzzle.
    Schmalfeldt placed himself just outside the USPS parking lot with a sign around his neck showing your address. Being as big as a house he was mistaken for your residence and the delivery notice was posted on him. He immediately ate having been informed by someone that government documents are nutritious and taste like mint with just a little aftertaste or marine mammal.

    Kinda sad that CB has lost the twitter wars. The place seems a little less amusing and dull without his usual abuses and shenanigans.

  4. Hmmm, its puzzling whether its a bizarre set of data from USPS incompetence, whether its caused by incompetent addressing by DPBK or if the results of the scan are forged.

  5. Tampering with the U.S. mail could be a felony. I wonder what the scope of “tampering” is. It is comforting to know that the USPS has opened an investigation into this.

  6. The best part of all of these posts is the frantic blegging of Wee Willy Winky (if one can call nonsense rantings a bleg), and the most obvious of tweets going back & forth between him and Senor Neckroll. Kudos for effectlvely taking over their lives while you live rent-free in their tiny little heads. Bunus – X10 is like a nervous little Chihuahua trying to make up law. lol

    • Yes. In my family of attorneys, plus our extensive network of attorney friends, there are over 250 years of combined experience. Never have they seen a case with so many service irregularities. That’s because in their combined years, they NEVER had a case come up with service issues like this. One issue after another.

    • So, Kimberlin allegedly has an address that he claims that he didn’t have in October, but, does have at the end of January. At the end of December, the court sent Kimberlin a demand that he report to the court in early January all efforts he was making to obtain that address. Brett Kimberlin reported no such effort.

      One possibility is that Brett Kimberlin was using investigation techniques so unsavory that he refused to share them with the court. Another possibility is Bill Schmalfeldt is lying yet again.

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