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After analyzing The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s report to the court on the status of service of process on the defendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, it’s not clear whether he really doesn’t understand the Rules that govern filing a federal civil suit or whether he’s trying to play the role of a dumb pro se plaintiff. Here is what he reported to the judge (the table starts on one page and ends on another):BK SoS4Note that his chart says that I have accepted service. I haven’t. TDPK never properly served me. He personally handed me a copy of his original complaint. That was not valid service. Physical service must be effected by a third party. When he mailed me the notice of waiver forms that are sent our ahead of formal summons, he included a copy of what was labeled as the Amended Complaint, but it wasn’t the same document filed with the court. Once again, the service was invalid. I downloaded the Amended Complaint on file with the court, waived formal service, and have carried on from there.

After seeing that TDPK was misreporting the status of service to me, I went over his report with a fine-tooth comb. Given the information in the body of the report and the evidence in the attached exhibits, the report should have looked like this:SoSActualBased on TDPK’s own report and evidence, as of 10 January, half of the defendants had not yet been properly served, 7 may have been properly served, and 4 have waived service. Of course, Kimberlin’s evidence may not be accurate, so who knows what the status really is?

15 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Maybe he should rename his vanity panhandling charity to “The Abuse-The-Crap-Out-of-the-Justice-System Through Music Project”

  2. The judge needs to smack him down for turning in dishonestly self-serving info to the court. BK believes, I guess, that he’s made himself look good. Lord have mercy.

  3. Likely the courts will do nothing, TK will freak out, saying that trying to hold BK to the actual standards of the law is harassment and stalking. Probably file some motion or other about it.

    In a related note, appears that BK – who simply does not respond to discovery – has filed a motion to compel on discovery and interrogatories in the MD case. Though, according to the schedule from the court, discovery is not due until March.

    Now – if you have been reading Johnny Atsign and Gunsmoke, failing to comply with discovery, and a witness failing to appear kept BK from being put under a peace order.

    One wonders – who does he have on the inside? Are they that enamored of his hit job on Dan Quayle?

  4. He is still claiming he doesn’t know who Kimberlin Unmasked is. He is still trying to find out through various avenues, and they have all miserably failed him thus far. So how can he say service on Kimberlin Unmasked was “refused” when Kimberlin Unmasked is a defendant whose identity he claims he still doesn’t know? He is contradicting himself.

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