Rules? What Rules?

RICOMadnessHere’s a paragraph from a Letter Order that Judge Grimm sent on 7 January—Docket26SigBlockStuff

BKSigBlockSo having been cautioned to include his email address and telephone number on all future filings, here is the signature block shown on PACER for the filings The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin submitted on 17 January.

Yeah. That’ll work.

UPDATE—Both the NSA and I have Brett Kimberlin’s email addresses and phone numbers on file and could provide them if he’s forgotten them.

12 thoughts on “Rules? What Rules?

  1. I love the idiocy of Bill and his little hangers-on like X10 who don’t understand that pro-bono lawyers still like to have expenses covered, like copies, deliveries, etc. The stupid in that bunch is mind boggling.

    • X idiot had a go at me this morning. It appears that he can’t read. Or lacks reading comprehension skills above the Dr. Seuss level.
      And the Cabin Boy with his “jumped ship”, “deserted”, etc. KU’s pro-Bono lawyer agreed to represent he/she through the motions to compel hearings. They are over, so the lawyer withdraws as agreed. Somehow in the Cabin Boy’s fetid mind, this equals DOOM for KU. It means KU is in seekret talks to “roll over” on everyone else. He really is vying for the title of “World’s Stupidist Man”

      • He fancies himself a man of the world but he is a hick. With all his appeals, he should have figured out by now that there are numerous costs associated with litigation that do not involve an attorney’s hourly rate. In addition, he keeps talking like a B character out of an old mob movie – “rolling over.” To top it off, the cabin boy’s lack of education and success lead him to make bizarre comments, such as alluding to KU’s lawyer’s “share” of the fundraising. Oh, you mean his “share” of a whopping $3,000 or thereabouts? Pro tip: successful attorneys depending in the city and the field of practice, charge up to $1,000 an hour. BS acts like people way out of his league would fall over their feet for a chance to get an amount of money they spend on a Saturday golf outing.

    • It is not “idiocy.” It is much more sinister. What is going on is an attempt to criminalize donating money to a legal defense fund. That is exactly what Kimberlin is suing John Hoges and others for doing on the behalf of Brett Kimberlin’s, then, estranged wife. Brett Kimberlin has pleaded to the court that Dan Backer was part of a criminal enterprise because Aaron Walker had a legal defense fund. To imply that KU”s pro bono attorney has engaged in financial inpropriety they are suggesting that he has helped himself to some of the funds. Don’t be surprised if Brett Kimberlin sues KU’s pro bono attorney just as he is suing Aaron Walker’s pro bono attorney. Expect that in KImberlin’s opposition to the KU’s pro bono lawyer’s motion to dismiss Kimberlin cites the article you read as “evidence” of a “conspiracy.”

      • Oh, so Cabin Boy’s efforts to fundraise for legal costs must also be part of a conspiracy in that bizarro world….

      • You have to understand that Bill Schmalfeldt’s concept of “consistency” revolves around invariably siding with Brett Kimberlin in any particular matter. Thus, to him Aaron Walker having a defense fund is “fraud,” while his blegging is “perfectly legal.”

  2. I’m amazed, what with the care and attention he gives to his signature. Actually, I’m sure that’s a very carefully studied “fark signatures, which I am too special and important to need to provide in any approximation of legible form” statement.

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