Concern Troll Alert!

Xenophon (the Troll) writes about Republican party unity in the latest installment of his hallucinations at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.).BU20140122Ah, the analysis of a failing minor Democrat party operative. How insightful!

11 thoughts on “Concern Troll Alert!

  1. Not bad. About a 10 min lag from when you posted this to when the Cabin Boy had a badly written and logically failed post up about it. Still living rent free inside his empty noggin I see.

  2. From the looks of it, all Democrats are increasingly “minor operatives.”

    Or rather operatives with a profoundly disturbing interest in minors…

  3. Just got done scanning the refuse over at the Cabin Boy’s cesspool of a blog and this caught my eye:

    “….and the pseudonymous feces flinger, soon to be known by name and address to the world, “Kimberlin Unmasked.””

    So you freely admit that the quest to get ahold of Kimberlin Unmasked identity has nothing to do with justice or the law or anything like that. It’s sole objective is get KU’s identity and address to release for harassment by Team Kimberlin.

    Thanks for finally admitting what we all already knew.

    The more you run your mouth, fatman… the more you let slip.

    • That they are flogging that as imminent means that they got no clue, would be my bet.

      If they were competent, they’d have gotten that info by now.

  4. It shows the utter cluelessness of the bunch. They try to write something “relevant” and all they do is show that they have no clue about anything that actually happened in the last two decades. Not a single clue.

  5. “pushing House Republicans into a government shutdown”..gee I didnt know Sen Harry Reid was a house republican…. O.o
    one thing you can always count on trolls to be, seriously misinformed and to always push the party line despite reality showing different….

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