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RICOMadnessXenophon (the Troll) has another nonsensical post over at Breitbart Unmasked trying to put some sort of conspiracy theory spin on the fact that two of the defendant’s in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness have asked the court to recognize that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is a vexatious litigant.

A vexatious litigant is one who keeps filing and losing nuisance lawsuits, and that is a fair description of TDPK. Here’s a partial list of some of the federal civil cases that TDPK has filed and, and near as I can tell, lost:

Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) mddce 1:1987-cv-01449 540 06/04/1987 12/03/1987
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1990-cv-01549 440 07/02/1990 07/02/2003
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) ilndce 1:1990-cv-05913 290 10/11/1990 03/19/1992
Kimberlin, Brett (pla) lawdce 2:1992-cv-00612 890 04/06/1992 04/18/1994
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1995-cv-01328 895 07/19/1995 04/12/1996
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1995-cv-01329 895 07/19/1995 04/12/1996
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) mddce 8:1997-cv-00431 890 02/11/1997 02/26/1997
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) mddce 8:1997-cv-01687 530 05/23/1997 06/06/1997
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) mddce 8:1997-cv-02066 530 06/24/1997 07/30/1997
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1997-cv-01798 550 08/08/1997 01/16/1998
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) mddce 8:1997-cv-02574 890 08/11/1997 08/27/1997
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1997-cv-02633 550 11/07/1997 06/12/2001
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) mddce 8:1997-cv-03829 530 11/10/1997 05/22/1998
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1998-cv-00071 895 01/09/1998 04/10/2001
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) mddce 8:1998-cv-00730 550 03/10/1998 04/30/1998
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) vaedce 2:1998-cv-00957 530 08/19/1998 03/29/1999
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) vaedce 2:1998-cv-01484 550 12/29/1998 04/28/1999
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1999-cv-01514 550 06/11/1999 09/29/2000
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1999-cv-01515 550 06/11/1999 09/30/2002
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1999-cv-01590 550 06/18/1999 10/31/2001
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) vaedce 2:1999-cv-00979 530 06/21/1999 04/03/2000
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) vaedce 2:1999-cv-01547 530 09/20/1999 05/22/2000
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:1999-cv-03156 555 11/30/1999 01/27/2000
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) vaedce 2:2000-cv-00307 550 05/01/2000 10/26/2000
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) vaedce 2:2000-cv-00670 530 09/07/2000 12/05/2000
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) vaedce 2:2000-cv-00798 530 10/20/2000 11/17/2000
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) dcdce 1:2001-cv-01212 530 06/04/2001 09/30/2002
Kimberlin, Brett C (pla) dcdce 1:2001-cv-02100 320 10/05/2001 07/16/2004
Kimberlin, Brett C (pet) mddce 8:2004-cv-02881 530 09/02/2004 06/14/2005

I’m not the least bit surprised that two of my codefendants have decided to tag TDPK as a vexatious litigant.


11 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. This is great. I hope we can also find some state court cases were also lost by.Vexatious Brett. Or can the federal cases also be used in the state court to prove BK is a vexatious litigant there as well?

  2. Xenophon strikes me as a person who thinks s/he is a good writer, but instead is confusing as heck. I get bored reading.

  3. There is also kimberlins attempt to sue zogby as velvet revolution. Can’t find out what happened on that one…but enquiring minds should research

  4. with that many pro se lawsuits under his belt, he has no business expecting any slack due to being an “amateur”….

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