Everything You Know is Wrong!

And in the case of climate change, the Warm Mongers at The Yale University Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication say that it’s because Americans are too stupid to understand the complexities of the science involved according to a report by the Heartland Institute. (H/T, Stacy McCain).

If the Warm Mongers are right, we might wind up with the world as warm as it was around the year AD 1000 when it was possible to grow wine grape in England and wheat in Greenland. In the tropics during that warm era, the Mayan civilization peaked in America, and Great Zimbabwe was founded in Africa. So, yeah, we need to be running scared from that sort of climate.

4 thoughts on “Everything You Know is Wrong!

  1. To paraphrase one of Ace of Spades’ famous comments in regards to “climate change,” if only we could figure out why these shifts happened during history… such an explanation would have to tap into a constant energy source of incredible (yet still varying) magnitude to alter climate, probably similar to the output from the Sun! Oh well, I’m too dumb to figure it out. Good thing there are apolitical scientists to tell me how to think and shame me when I don’t fall in line. Whew!

  2. Unless we all recognise that AGW is but a gentle softening up for Agenda 21, we will lose the real battle and that is against Agenda 21 and its policies, which not only encompasses AGW, but threaten our rights as individuals and families, self determination and even our right to exist.
    I wrote a little about it at http://www.thedemiseofchristchurch.com
    But most of all read Ian Wishart’s book ‘Totalitaria’ whose research is far more in depth than mine.
    His book has made a significant impact at the UN causing the revamp of their website and the removal of references to the Lucis Trust, probably their most influential NGO.

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