Prevarication Du Jour

Xenophon has more to say about Monday’s hearing in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit over at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.).BU201401114aUh, huh.

Of course, they’re not. One is a black & white copy and the other is a color copy with a check marked added in the Restricted Delivery “Yes” box. The matching tracking numbers must be of no consequence.9871_a9871_b

19 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Details, details, details!

    Listen here, Mr. Hoge!! Convicted felon BK meant to check that box originally. “At this point, what difference does it make” He’s paid dearly for his ability to pretend practice law. Just think…….no ‘roids, no teeth and no self respect.

    Quotation courtesy of Hillarity Clinton

    • I suspect that he is counting on the ignorance of his donors. Had any of his donors, such as Barbara Streisand’s Tides Foundation, been made aware of Brett Kimberlin’s ongoing antics and made inquiries, Kimberlin could be using such planted internet stories to argue that there is no substance to the charges against him. Anyone investigating the case would realize his claims are specious. But, those too busy to carefully investigate the claims and counter claims might choose to take Kimberlin’s claims at face value.

      • Ah, Barbra Streisand has her own foundation; TIDES also serves as a “passthrough”, but not for the Streisand Foundation. Let’s be accurate.

  2. The EXACT same item number from the certified mail sticker. Which means Kimberlin meant it to be the same item. That is how incompetent a crook BK is.

  3. one hopes the court will keep a closer eye on any/all further documentation from BK for more shenanigans….

  4. And go figure, both the Cabin Boy and BU won’t accept comments on their blogs, no matter how polite, that use facts to refute their lies.

    • Oh look, the Cabin Boy says he does allow comments. Oh, but only on the website for his string of failed podcasts, NOT on the website where he prints his lies and vitriol. How dishonest of him. Color me shocked.

  5. One hopes the court will not tolerate an attempted forgery and boot him out of there. If I were the judge that would be the eans of the case.

  6. I like how the forger attempted to make the check faint, as if anticipating a need to claim the copier just didn’t pick it up. Too bad, dark blotch – and the scanner or copier darkens the ink of other check marks and print.
    Go ahead copy it NOW. The check has been added, and it was an attempt to defraud the court.

    • Any claims about whether, or not, the federal copy failed to pick up a checkmark are utterly irrelevant. Kimberlin included a copy of the receipt that clearly shows the “restricted delivery” fee was not paid, so we know for certain it was not checked on the original.

      The federal judge denied the motion requiring that Kimberlin swear under penalty of perjury to the factual correctness of his filings. Had this act of fraud been perpetrated on the federal court, and had the motion requiring verification succeeded, Kimberlin would be facing federal criminal perjury charges. Because the motion was denied, at most Kimberlin is subject to rule 11 sanctions. Previously, the judge stated that rule 11 sanctions are sufficient to deal with any improprieties by Brett Kimberlin. That appears not to be the case. Perhaps, the judge should reconsider his decision in light of the totality of the circumstances.

  7. As long as K still has this level of lawyering and forgery skills,Hoge and the Universe will be ok. Really. we are talking about sending out a few packages. There should be an “easy” button for that.

  8. Not quite on topic, but I noticed over at the other sewer known as BU, Xenophon has this to say, “Also, spinning off BlogBash reduces the chance that BU will make it another embarrassment like we did last year.”

    1. How was BlogBash an embarrassment to anyone other than the short guy hiding under his blanky depending on a pedophile to take pictures for him?

    2. WE? Is Xenophon implicating themselves in the conspiracy to threaten the proprietor of the BlogBash location?

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