Coming Attractions

RICOMadnessThe Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has sued 22 different individuals and entities (including me) in a case I refer to as Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. It’s a nuisance lawsuit claiming that Glen Beck, Simon & Schuster, and I formed a racketeering enterprise with a bunch of other folks to defame and otherwise injure and annoy Brett Kimberlin by telling the truth about him.

Aaron Walker, DB Capitol Strategies, The Franklin Center, and I have all filed motions to dismiss in the case. TDPK’s responses to those motions are all due by close of business tomorrow. Nothing is up on PACER, the online federal court records system, so, if he filed anything today, it came in too late to make through the scanner and on to the Internet.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

    • The judge’s letter order expressed a desire to be able to handle as many of the motions to dismiss as possible all at once. It seemed as if he might set a global date for all responses based on information contained in TDPK’s report on the status of service if appears the bulk of the motions will be filed soon. That’s actually sensible. It may give TDPK a few extra days of some of his responses, but it will provide the rest of us with a date certain for going forward.

      The judge did not seem well disposed to any other extension “without good cause.”

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