A Note About Standards

I’m not a prude. However, I have a desire to maintain a certain level of decorum here at Hogewash!, and some of the comments that have been appearing of late are going over the line I wish to maintain.

Specifically, many of the comments directed at Bill Schmalfeldt have been unnecessarily vulgar. As Stacy McCain has noted, the best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt is to quote him. Here at this blog, there is no need to add more crudeness. Some of the comments directed at other members of Team Kimberlin have crossed the line also.

Effective immediately, I will delete any unnecessarily vulgar comments made about anyone on this blog. I value my readers’ comments and support, but I value my attempt to run a clean cut blog even more.

No, I can’t provide a specific set of rules, but looking at the tone of my writing in a post should give a clue about what’s acceptable.

UPDATE—I’ve got no problem with critical or even insulting remarks. Just keep it out of the gutter.

33 thoughts on “A Note About Standards

  1. Indeed. No need to devolve towards BS’s known and needless penchant for the gutter. Reminds me of the quotation, “whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”

  2. from time to time we may yet have to declare that Bill has been delightful and wonderful beyond all measure and we shall then have to declare “We have reached a determination of Found Unusually Caring and Kind You Bill.”

  3. So if we see something vulgar, we’ll automatically know it’s a direct quote from Cabin Boy? That makes things considerably easier. Besides the presence of Bizarro-World logic, I mean.

    • At one point, there was a line going around about my living rent-free in the Cabin Boy’s mind. I denied it, pointing out that I had no desire to be is such a bad neighborhood.

      Another time, I was accused of following his tweets and blogs essentially full-time. I responded that I wasn’t because I could only spend so much time in a sewer without coming up for air.

      While some might consider those comments to be insulting, they don’t contain the kind of crude vulgarity you’ll find emanating from the Cabin Boy and which I wish to keep off this blog.

  4. What happened to your arrogance and teflon demeanor, Hoggy? You’re trying to come off as the adult in this, but admit it… you’re fucking scared! Your mouth has gotten your ass into some serious trouble and you’re trying to minimize the damage. I hope Bill sues your ass.

  5. Reminds me of Robert Duvall’s character in Falling Down, where he is assumed by his police department overseer of being deficient because he doesn’t use profanity, leading up to his last line in the movie. Always use the right ammo for the right purpose.

  6. just to clarify is Bullshit Bill The Talking Wart and my sig Oh and [redacted] You Bill no longer acceptable?

  7. While the Lower Self present in each and every one of us causes us to take some measure of pleasure in commenting about the likes of BS (interesting initials here) and the felon BK(here too), it pales when lined up against the realization that both BS and BK cease to have any relevance or meaning in our lives when we simply chose to ignore them. BS cannot survive without the animosity and other negative energy directed toward him. I’ve often wondered why he persists in abusing himself with names like “Despicable Bill” and the like. Perhaps his Inner Self actually realizes just who it is that inhabits and rules his body. In moments of reflective insight, we all have realized just who it is that inhabits BS. It is all to obvious that BS doesn’t like himself at all.

    BK will never escape the mirror either. I suspect that he feels the same way about himself just as BS likewise does. BS mistakenly assumes he is guaranteed a spot in Paradise when he answers to St. Peter. I rather suspect a choice seat for him has already been reserved for him in the opposite direction……a place without love, respect or acceptance doomed to re-live the utter failure of his entire life. In my opinion, BS is to be pitied as his entire life has been absolutely insignificant. His only memorial is one of extreme sadness by throwing his life away and accepting only mean-spiritedness into his eternal soul thus consigning it to hell. BK will simply fade away like last year’s dead leaves into the dark earth. In 50 years they will be nothing more than the simplest footnote (e.g. “lived”, “died”) in the annals of time.

  8. I have actually self-censored myself on numerous occasions recently. I wasn’t using profanity but just felt I didn’t really need to say the snarky thing I was about to say. So I didn’t.

    I have rarely regretted not saying something.

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