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Last Thursday, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin filed a status report with the U. S. District Court concerning his service of process on the defendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. He included the following among his exhibits in that report.AliService

This appears to be a copy of the returned envelope of his attempted service on Ali Akbar. It appears to have sufficient postage that both the federal and state complaints could have been enclosed.

The Maryland state rule requires that service of process by mail be by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, Restricted Delivery. Note that the Restricted Delivery “Yes” box is not checked.AliServiceZoomThat means that the attempt as service was defective.

One of the motions heard yesterday in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit was TDPK’s motion for alternate service declaring that Ali had been served. In support of that motion, TDPK submitted what was purported to be a copy of the same envelope, but that copy showed a check mark in the Restricted Delivery “Yes” box. When the Judge Burrell was made aware of the fact that Kimberlin has previously filed an exhibit containing a copy of the envelope that, like the federal filing, did not have the check mark, she noted the inconsistency between the two exhibits and denied TDPK’s motion.

It has been suggested that the exhibit filed with the motion for alternate service on Ali Akbar was forged. That is not inconsistent with the evidence.

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  1. If it were a forgery, one possible way it was produced was by starting with the original, copying it, marking the “Restricted delivery” box, and, then copying it again. Each generation of a copy has a certain amount of degradation. If it were a second generation copy, or more, that probably could be determined by careful analysis. Courts take a dim view upon not submitting a copy of the original document. A person aiming to create a higher quality document could simply check the “restricted delivery” box on the original and then copy it. The problem with that strategy is that if the original unaltered receipt is subpoenaed the forger would no longer be able to produce it.

  2. Also, it seems to be a pretty straightforward experiment to print out both lawsuits, take them to Bethesda and ask how much postage is for each with, or without, restricted delivery.

  3. Even with the check, the envelope shows it wasn’t delivered. It has multiple stamps for attempts to deliver, and a final “return to sender” stamp. How could an envelope addressed to an apparently imaginary address be considered valid service?

    • Also, look at the barcode and the line labeled “article number” — are they the same? It appears those are unique…

    • I think Kimberlin’s claim was that Ali tried to “evade” service by refusing delivery. That claim was mooted when the delivery itself was ruled improper.

    • It has to be done in a particular way to be a valid attempt at service (service by mail requires restricted delivery.) It can be a valid attempt even if it doesn’t succeed. After valid attempts, a plaintiff can request alternate service. Kimberlin didn’t make any valid attempt, if the box was never checked, so his motion for alternate service was denied.

      • So I could mail something to 123 Nowhere Street, Madeupplace, MD and it would be a valid attempt at service so long as its marked restricted delivery?

        My point is that even without the restricted delivery, it was never a valid attempt.

      • @Rob Crawford
        IANAL, but this could be a case of the court passing on a later question (whether service to that address was valid) by answering the earlier one (whether BK completed the simple necessary paperwork.)
        So BK’s document troubles render the questions further down the line perhaps?

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  5. If he represented the envelope as the identical envelope used in his earlier exhibit and RICO filing, same certified mailer card and all, he just attempted a fraud on the court. The only innocent explanation is ludicrously unlikely (some third party sneaked a check mark on the doc, which has confused the poor dear innocent Kimberlin.) Does he have any pals who would embarrass him in that way? Or does Kimberlin have a track record of sloppy lies and monkeying around with service requirements?

    • “Or does Kimberlin have a track record of sloppy lies and monkeying around with service requirements?”

      A track record … that’s one way of putting it.

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