The Case Will Go Forward

None of the motions to dismiss were granted in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. Kimberlin’s motion to consider Ali Akbar served was denied. His motion for additional information from Google was granted.

More later.

UPDATE–The reason for the denial of Kimberlin’s motion concerning service of process on Ali Akbar was an apparently forged document submitted with his motion.

More later.

26 thoughts on “The Case Will Go Forward

  1. In the meantime, BS is looking foolish again, but also seems to be preparing for his new “front” in the lawfare campaign against Mr. Hoge. He has sent a “demand” letter to Mr. Hoge’s attorney demanding that Mr. Hoge stop mocking (or even expressing opinions about) BS. Just like Kimberlin, he is confused about the difference between communicating to someone and communicating about someone. BS does that in a blog post filled with scurrilous opinions about Mr. Hoge. In other words, BS is demanding that Mr. Hoge not do what BS routinely has done and continues to do.

    The same blog post whines that posting a form for a victim impact statement is designed to put BS in fear. It quite obviously could not have put BS in fear of anything because he first believed it to be such a poor forgery that it should be mocked and then believed it to be a standard form sent as a mere matter of routine.Logic of course is not one of BS’s strong suits; in fact, BS’s logic may be the empty set.

    • any chance BK will have to reimburse for court costs when this travesty of a suit is eventually canned? One can hope.

      In regards to CBBS, funny how Bullshit Bill complete ignores that if he just left Hoge alone and stopped creeping his page he wouldn’t have seen the post he NOW claims was “intended to inspire fear” AFTER claiming it was a forgery and that hoge had committed a crime by “making and posting it”…..O.o seriously?!?
      The stupid is strong with this one..
      Oh and Fuck You Bill

      • According to the Baghdad Blob, he has “informants” that tell him what Mr. Hoge writes. See, he doesn’t sit around hitting the refresh key every 5 min, he has someone to do that for him. According to him. But in his own words, “But I can no longer expect, or ask, anyone to take what I write as fact.”

        (Anyone else think he will regret committing that to writing?)

      • Was it the sane type of document (and represented as the same return card of successful delivery)) or some other kind of receipt altogether?

      • The point is that is was purported by Brett Kimberlin to be the document in question. At a minimum, he has been caught perpetrating a fraud upon the court.

        If Brett Kimberlin handed a document to the judge I would assume it was entered as evidence.

        If it wasn’t the document in question, it raises the question what document was it? I thought certified mail receipts were dated. I would ask if the date on the receipt was the same. I find it odd that on the same date he would send Ali two pieces of certified mail.

        I’m kinda curious if Brett Kimberlin took the opportunity to withdraw his motion for sanctions against Ali Akbar’s lawyer? It would probably be the wiser course of conduct for Kimberlin, but, that simply isn’t his style.

      • Big Sky Bob, (stubborn auto correct wants you to be a skybox) That’s what I’m trying to pin down …. Was he holding a card, a copy, a payment receipt….or what? How would he have certified delivery of mail to Ali in any case?

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  3. What sort of forgery? One concocted by BK? It seems to me that would result in immediate dismissal of his entire case with prejudice, if he attempted a fraud on the court. Did he claim his own innocence in the matter?

  4. I read Stacy’s account of the non-matching certified delivery receipts. No need to recount BKs bonafides as a forger (and psychopath who IMO lives for getting one over on people/courts). What was his explanation.

    I hope this judge begins to catch on.

  5. So what happens next? Wait for the felonious bomber/perjurer to begin discovery? It’s truly disgusting that the judge in this case did not dismiss this bogus lawsuit. Apparently, the State of Maryland is just fine with lawsuit abuse.

    • Unfortunately, as McCain explained at his site, a motion to dismiss is not a trial. The judge MUST accept as true every allegation of fact asserted by the plaintiff in deciding a motion to dismiss. A motion to dismiss is an extraordinary long shot because the judge must opine that even if every allegation of the plaintiff is true, the plaintiff still has no case as a matter of law. The RICO case, however, is so weak in even alleging any facts pertinent to the relevant statutes that the motion to dismiss in that case has a material chance of success.

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