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RICOMadnessThe Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has filed his status report on service of process to the defendants named in his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. lawsuit. Upon review, it seems that the report contains several significant internal inconsistencies. I understand that TDPK is busy. He has multiple motions in the Maryland state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case coming up in a hearing tomorrow morning, and he has his responses to four motions to dismiss in the RICO Madness due by close of business on Friday. Still, he might want to submit corrections to his report before defendant’s start informing the court of the errors.

Now that he has allegedly served most of the remaining defendants in the RICO Madness, he should expect their responses within 21 days of service. That would put the last few due around 29 January. The court will give him 17 days to respond to each motion (14 days plus 3 more for mailing). That means a dozen or so additional responses due by mid February, just about the time serious discovery work will be coming due in the state suit (should it survive the motions to dismiss).

<sarc>I wonder if all that will ruin his Valentine’s Day holiday?</sarc>

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  1. I find it odd that Kimberlin could have “served” 21 of the 22 defendants when 1) he doesn’t know who Kimberlin unmasked is, or where he is; 2) he is of the mistaken belief that Ali Akbar is a resident of Virginia when in fact he is a resident of Texas; 3) he is of the mistaken belief that Stacy McCain still lives in Maryland, when he lives in another state; and 4) he filed suit against the anonymous “Ace of Spades” giving for him, apparently, the address of the person he claims “created” the site.

  2. Two things…

    1) I almost hope the RICO suit does survive, because I ache to see what discovery turns up. Nothing good (for him) I wager…

    2) Re: ruining his Valentine’s day – I would suspect his “wife” getting shtupped by another man on a regular basis would do far more, but then, i’m not the guy with a longing for girls of questionable age (allegedly)…

  3. He will not provide anything meaningful in discovery. Anything he receives in discovery that he can make hay of, he will. If it means he loses the case, it doesn’t matter to him, he is engaging in asymmetric warfare.

    The best outcome would be that it does not survive motions to dismiss, then a number of counterclaims and rule 11 filings end up in his lap.

    He probably should have taken the option to settle by giving Hoge 1 million dollars.

    • Maybe the WORST outcome for DPK would be mucking with discovery. Courts may let a lot of crap slide, but they hammer that sort of thing hard. Sanctions would be the least of his concerns.

  4. Tomorrow, the defendants should state on the record that plaintiff has an outstanding civil judgment against him and that the claimant stands in front of him in terms of any damages awards received.

    • Technically he does not. While he never paid the judgment, he dodged it long enough that the widow would have to file papers in court to make them once again apply, and she is unwilling – she wants to leave it all in the past.

  5. I see TDPK has a new fan in Wee Willy Winky, who’s latest endeavor is to mock Hoge. He fails miserably at the task, and I see he’s also getting his BK “facts” from Neckroll’s notes. Quite the folly all the way around and an epic fail.

    • I wonder if Frau Neckroll has actually TOLD anyone to mock or harass our dear host…

      Wouldn’t that be interesting to find out?

      I wonder what the court would consider that…

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