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It was a windy, rainy day yesterday. I didn’t bother to walk out to get the mail until very late in the evening. It was all junk mail, except for one letter from the State’s Attorney’s Office asking me to fill out some paperwork. Here’s the first page of the form.VictimsStatement

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  1. Clearly, sent to you by mistake, Mr. Hoge. Should have gone to Bill “Pity Party” Schmalfeldt, as he is the true victim in all things in all ways. Or so his Twitter seems to indicate.

  2. Apparently, to some people, stating what you got in the mail, without comment, is not reporting, it’s a “crime.”

    • Without proof, he claims this form is fake. He states that you’re a harasser “without parallel.” No, I think that would be a guy who stalks a family relentlessly about the death of their child.

      • That’s the most confusing part to me. Let’s pretend BS is correct here and it is all a lie etc. – I’m still not clear how this incident is proof of harassment “without parallel.” But then, I don’t call him “Projection Bill” for nothing. It would seem some of his attempts at journalism are far more harassing. Heck, constantly making unsolicited @mentions with vile language strike me as more harassing.

  3. Nothing in the post actually relates that letter to Schmalfeld (and if context implies it, nothing is claimed about any charging decision) and the post certainly was not sent to him.

    That said, it ought to occur to mr bad with details that a form not used until time for sentencing might be GATHERED before trial, and used to consider what penalties might be appropriate to peruse. It occurs to me, though I have no direct knowledge of the way Maryland might consider or use such information in a prosecutor’s office (vs a court proceeding), that it might even be useful in making a charging decision. Since there is no doubt the form came addressed as from the SA’s office, poor BS wiil not come off very well if it came in a postmarked envelope.

  4. Every time the Cabin Boy has a hearing coming up he has this EUREKA!! moment where he finds that one thing, that law, that ruling, that thing that Mr. Hoge did, that will assure him of a certain and glorious victory.

    And so far he has gone down in flames every time. Remember how he fixated on Cassidy? The judge told him twice that that applied to tweeting about someone and not to them. The he fixated on some comment the AG made….except that the AG was not addressing the law the Cabin Boy was charged under and even if he was, the AGs opinion is not relevant in the least.

    So it appears that once again, the Moron of Elkridge is pinning his hopes that Mr. Hoge made up a form and posted it on his blog. He really is an incredibly stupid man.

  5. is this the third or fourth time Bullshit Bill has claimed Hoge has, screwed his case up, lied about court proceedings, committed a crime for which The Talking Wart will Make Sure he is held accountable for, etc??
    …and everytime The Talking Wart is wrong. It’s easy to tell when Bullshit Bill finds out he’s wrong about this sort of thing, he stops talking about it or referring to it on Twitter.
    Oh and Fuck You Bill

  6. I have to say that I don’t envy John having to write a victim’s impact statement. How to you capture the essence of someone who has been that evil for that long? Do you write a novel detailing his crimes, or, do you try to capture some of his low points? Do you mention that Lee Stanahan is your friend, and, how witnessing Schmalfeldt’s relentless harassment of his family affects you? Do you go into the spurious accusations of criminality? And, how long do you have to budget for a shower after writing about him?

    Up till now, Bill Schmalfeldt’s strategy has been to be openly defiant of the peace order against him. That has been an effective strategy for him and will remain so right up the point he goes to jail.

    • Very well said. Mr. H., part of a VIS is explaining how this has affected your family, and in turn, how their distress has affected you. I am so sorry that all of you have had to go through this.

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