31 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. A kindness he did not deserve,really. I frankly would have let him make a fool of himself in front of the SÅ.

  2. What’s amusing is that he had the power to stop his harassment of you and yet doesn’t realize the consequences of his actions. What’s next? He’s going to blame you for causing him to harass you?

    • Already did – tweet in 2012, I believe, where he said if they just left Kimberlin alone, no one would be “investigating.”

  3. Let me see if I can understand this correctly.
    Bill is..there’s a word..its on the tip of my tongue..if I could only..oh, I remember now, he’s dead ass, dead fucking, dumb numb ass, totally as always, in complete opposition to his braggadocious bloviations, wrongo-si-pongo.
    Oh, and Fuck You Bill.

  4. You mean all those tweets calling you a liar & saying you’re in big, big trouble buster are wrong?? And XCitizen10 made a big fool of himself again??
    Oh. Must be like any other day. Carry on.

    • And journamalist BS has not printed a retraction for calling WJJH a liar without proof, and for claiming that he broke the law for posting part of the letter, without citing the law and explaining how he broke it.

      The more he calls the SA, the more the SA will see how much he is pathologically obsessed with WJJH.

  5. just imagine how he’s gonna melt down between now and the 29th?? Personally I hope the judge sees the need to have him held for a psych evaluation.
    Oh and Fuck You Bill

  6. Oh please, you know this proves nothing. Do you have a Google Earth picture of the mailman at your mailbox delivering the letter?

  7. I await Cabin Boy’s detailed analysis on how this letter is a clear forgery. I also await the update on Projection Bill’s correspondence with the SA’s office regarding Mr. Hoge’s lies and harassment today. Or at least, I hope to hear the heroic tale of how BS told the SA’s office that it’s “NOT PRE-TRIAL” and possibly how an unnamed clerk agreed to arrest Mr. Hoge henceforth and forthwith.

    • yeah, didn’t he say he was going to call the SA and find out if they had talked to Hoge and if Hoge had representation because as the opposing party that was info he should’ve been given AND that he’d have the answers by COB thurs/fri???
      guess he decided it wasn’t that important…
      Oh and Fuck You Bill

  8. you know, it really won’t surprise me if he doesn’t wind up in the hospital shortly before he’s due in court… it really wont.

    Oh and Fuck You Bill

    • Apparently Bullshit Bill thinks this is some sort of threat. Well lets look at some of the past evidence of what we are dealing with
      1. He has used his PD to excuse his behaviour several times
      2. He has claimed the “ongoing stress” of dealing with Hoge holding him accountable for his own actions have worsened his PD and has in fact claimed several times it’s “KILLING” him
      3. He went to court in a wheelchair yet while there claims he can climb a flight of stairs to get to the courtroom
      so knowing this and the fact that he just might wind up in jail come the 29th is it really hard to believe he may “check” himself into the hospital a day or two before to try and avoid that? and does noting that he may yet again attempt to use his health (or lack of actually) to avoid the consequences of his own actions constitute a threat???
      O.o, I don’t think so
      Oh and Fuck You Bill

  9. There are two scenarios that might explain this correspondence. The first is that this is just typical pre-trial preparation. As i understand it, district courts in MD typically have the trial and sentencing the same day, if time permits. This isn’t like a death penalty case where you can expect to see a “guilt” phase of the case and then a ramp up to the sentencing phase (and MD doesn’t have the death penalty anymore, right?).

    The second possibility is that they have decided that the evidence is so air tight that the only question is how long they should put him away.

    For the peace order violations, this would be a very easy case:

    1) did the judge tell him to stop doing X?

    2) did he continue to do X?

    If the answer to both questions is yes, then the only questions bear on prosecutorial discretion. For instance if the Judge’s order was actually unconstitutional (as it was in my case), that might weigh against prosecution.

    Likewise, the victim impact statement might be sought in part to help them evaluate whether to prosecute him.

    Btw, you know what might weigh in favor of prosecution? if they come in on monday to a bunch of ranting emails falsely accusing Hoge of forging documents. Indeed, they might call the loony bin and prepare a room.

    Still, hilarious watching the meltdown tonight.

    • Indeed, although BS won’t acknowledge it, the judge ruled his @mentions were contacts that shouldn’t have happened and extended the PO because of them. It’s not like BS can claim now that he didn’t send them and there is no legal reasoning he can point to that they are somehow NOT violations so it’s pretty much a done deal.
      I find it amusingly sad that BS still seems to think his court date is somehow a “pre-trial” hearing to decide whether or not the SA is going to prosecute and not the prosecution trial itself…
      While I’d love to see him in jail for his continued mockery of the courts and law, he would be better served to spend some time in the psych ward getting some actual help….

    • Re: option 1, BuchananRick and I said pretty much the same thing yesterday, meaning that in misdemeanor cases, things are handled expeditiously, NOT that there has been a finding of guilt. Even though he was watching comments and Twitter feeds like a hawk, he ignored this and continued to imagine and claim the worst against the SA and WJJH. In my opinion, if this goes to trial, he will probably be fined and required to get some sort of counseling. Indeed, WJJH has said that he doesn’t want the guy in jail. His opinion, however, may have changed in light of the continued violations of the PO.

      • And now he’s claiming that “the truth comes out.”. Um, only in his fevered imagination was there ever a lie. Hoge posted a form he received, without comment. BS called him a liar and accused him of a crime, with no supporting evidence other than his own ignorance. Now he is saying that the truth is that all alleged victims get this. Duh. Some of us were saying something like this since yesterday, but he chose to ignore those comments and rant and rave. The truth is this: WJJH simply posted the form. BS panicked and libeled WJJH, again.

  10. 1. Hoge publishes post with a form claiming to be from SA. No other details.
    2. BS calls Hoge a xxxxxxx liar.
    3. Hoge publishes post with cover letter to show where form came from.
    4. BS claims: a) entrapment (for making him call Hoge a liar); b) letter is probably just one of many Hoge has in his desk(even though it is dated – still calling Hoge a liar with this logic)
    5. BS can’t wait to hear what the SA and Zoa will have to say about this when he complains.

    Amazing BS logic. He claimed to have been a good chess player but he blew it after the opening move on this issue.

  11. You are all forgetting what Baghdad Blob wrote on his own sewer wall the other day. “But I can no longer expect, or ask, anyone to take what I write as fact.”

    That was part of a post explaining that he has lost so much brain function that he can’t tell what is fact and not, he misses obvious truths, etc.

    Still think he is laying the groundwork for a “My PD made me do it” defense.

  12. If you have a strong firewall and antivirus program, go read what the Cabin Boy has now written to the SA. A very long and pathetic attempt to back track from his previous letter accusing Mr. Hoge of lying about the victim statement. As usual it’s filled with lies, more lies, and plenty of “poor me I have PD” whining. BTW, he also sent a letter to Mr. Hoge’s attorney saying calling him “Cabin Boy” is harassment, but yet he sent out a tweet this morning saying “Be watching for the introduction of “CABIN BOY RADIO” later today!” So he claims being called Cabin Boy is harassment, but he changes his twitter handle, yet again, to Cabin Boy and forms a new radio station named the same. The man is so twisted he can’t keep his lies straight.

      • the obvious #FAIL in his logic is that nothing Hoge posts here on his own damn page is sent directly to (or indirectly to) The Talking Wart. He has to come here to read what Hoge posts, it’s not sent to him by tweet/email or other means of contact. Hoge doesn’t contact Bullshit Bill in anyway, and contact is necessary for a finding of harassment (as he should well know by now considering his own case).
        the stupid is strong with this one
        Oh and Fuck You Bill

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