The (Self) Mockery Continues

Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson has decided to mock me. He’s even set up his very own special blog to do so called themockerycontinues (No, I won’t link to it.). He’s very proud of his effort.wilsb8_201401110414Zwilsb8_201401110446Z

Of course, VOSF makes his assertion of the relative traffic levels without access to Hogewash!‘s actual numbers, so here’s how this blog has been doing for the past few days—Jan6_10

NoiseBlogStatsNow, it’s not surprising that VOSF would be thrilled about having found a subject to write about that attracts some readers. After all, his other blog The Noise has only had 1,467 total hits since it got going last September. Given VOSF’s extraordinary level of clueless self-importance, he’ll probably continue to publish his new waste of bandwidth until his audience becomes bored with his puerile drivel. I give him about two weeks.

UPDATE—Maintenant pars, ou je vais vous narguer une seconde fois!FrenchTaunt

6 thoughts on “The (Self) Mockery Continues

  1. To Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson,
    It must be an extraordinarily sad event in one’s life when he is so poor, either monetarily or spiritually, that he must take $$$ from a convicted perjurer, bomber, and alleged child molester.

    Furthermore, why do you suppose that Cabin Boy “I Called A Picture of Myself A Retard” Bill Schmalfeldt has not been successful in his attempts to win the PR campaign for Kimberlin against Hoge? That was rhetorical, Ferguson.

    Ever heard of sloppy 2nds? That is what you are. Taking the sloppy 2nd place for Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt who is obviously to retarded (his own words) to function as Kimberlin’s PR lackey.

    Congrats! You’ve moved up in the world!

  2. I should have seen this coming. After his burst of Uber Stupidity the other day, he almost unseated Baghdad Blob as Worlds Stupidest Man. Then the Cabin Boy put on a burst with his latest explosive truth about Ali’s BMWHyundai Hybrid car. VSOF, feeling the title slipping from his hands, now has come up with a sure fire way to unseat his good friend with his new blog.

    This rivalry goes back years to when they were trying to out stupid each other during the Scott Walker recall. As I recall, that didn’t turn out good for either one of them ending in humiliation for both. But I would have to give the Cabin Boy the edge in stupid for that episode.

    So come on Wee Willy, YOU CAN DO IT! I know you have even more stupid in you! You showed some of it the other night on twitter, so don’t give up now! You can win this battle of stupid if you just try a little harder.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if VOSF was in sooper seekrit contact with the DP and First Mate as they phase out CBBS.

  3. Marin très ordinaire mais Ferguson est une Pimple sur le derrière de notre société. Un résultat naturel de la séance en propres déchets de un, une infection qui doit être crevé d’être nettoyée. Peut-être la prochaine raclée de son maître putatif dans l’équipe Kimberlin sera que comme astringent …

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