Prevarication Du Jour

db201401101647ZOne of the items that the Cabin Boy will be required to file for his appeal to the Court of Special Appeals of the extension of the peace order will be a certified copy of the transcript of the hearing. When he gets the copies he’s required to distribute, one for the court and one for me, he can read for himself what Judge Stansfield said.

75bucksBTW, bound certified transcripts aren’t cheap. The transcription fee is about three bucks per page, and there are reproduction fees on top of that. The 15 bound copies of the appellant’s brief and 10 copies of the record extract won’t be cheap either. Given that Schmalfeldt says that he expects to lose and given that he’s been dead in the water with his fundraising, one wonders why he is determined to spend several thousand dollars on a lost cause.

7 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

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  2. He is now whining about how all of you think he’s supposed to take being laughed at and criticized. Of course he is – all of us are. Normal, sane, adults don’t turn every perceived slight or insult into a federal case (ahem), they ignore most of it. They do not relentlessly butt into other peoples’ Twitter conversations. For example, if you and Stacy McCain want to address some comment made by BS or others, you do so – on your own blogs.

    • well if he didn’t come here specifically to look for it to be upset about it wouldn’t happen would it?
      Bullshit Bill can’t seem to grasp the fact that NOTHING other than himself makes him come here and read the opinions of people who don’t agree with him.
      Oh and Fuck You Bill

  3. One must truly give up every ounce of dignity to achieve that level of victimhood. Gail is either on large doses of lithium, a saint, or paid well to stick around, and I don’t see a large bank account.
    As for X10 and Willy Wonka, I see they still haven’t donated to the “cause”. It’s clear they see it as throwing money into the wind as well.

  4. If he does not want to be ridiculed, all he has to do is not post/tweet utterly inane stupidity.

    Not that that is a plan he can execute.

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