19 thoughts on “Who Had 32 Days?

      • To show that BS leverages faux outrage over benign tweets in order to justify his bad behavior, his nasty tweet above was in response to this one from McCain: “Don’t tell Bill Schmalfeldt this, but a Hyundai is not a BMW….”

        Why, the outrage! How “insulting” and “libelous”! On top of it, BS felt he had to respond, insultingly, to a tweet that was 3 hours old and timely when it went out. Why? To keep stirring the pot, to jab at his so-called enemies, NOT to defend his good (cough) name (cough, cough) against libel.

  1. Heh. I didn’t put a date but I also predicted earlier this week that he would tweet you again before his next court date, as he always does. I’ll bet he just had to change his Depends, too.

  2. And such a classy one to break the streak with. I knew he was cracking when he’d have tweets including “@/wjjhoge”. He just wanted to so bad. Good impulse control, Billy Boy. Thankfully for him, @mentions aren’t violations of the peace order because he’ll expertly explain Twitter to the judge again. Problem solved! Bill wins!

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