I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

Bill Schmalfeldt has a marvelous post up about Ali Akbar’s BMW. As part of that post he includes a copy of a traffic ticket issued to Ali while he was driving his … wait for it …



UPDATE—The Cabin Boy’s post is at Patriot-Ombudsman (No, I won’t link to it.).

UPDATE 2—The picture at the end of the Cabin Boy’s post shows a white Hyundai very much like the one Ali was driving when he visited my house a couple of months ago. It’s a picture of Ali’s residence in Texas.

UPDATE 3—The Cabin Boy has done his homework on 2009 Hyundai Sonatas. If he were to look at the copy of Ali’s traffic ticket he posted, he would see that the Akbarmobile is a 2003.akbar_ticket

29 thoughts on “I’m Not Making This Up, You Know

  1. A master at his craft. Sadly, said craft is not “investigative journalism.” Put this one in the file where he proved R.S. McCain was served papers, when he established the identity of KU, when he researched the law that was going to get him off the hook at his last court hearing, ad infinitum.

  2. I find it cute Bullshit Bill the Talking Wart thinks Hoge should have to prove or retract something he thinks is accusing him of a crime…
    After all just this morning he doubled down on claiming Hoge, McCain and Ali were all guilty of subornation of perjury with NO proof….
    Stupid Bill is as Stupid Bill does I guess…
    Oh and Fuck You Bill

    • Perfect. I’d pay to have someone follow him around and play that when applicable. Which is to say, someone could just leave it on loop behind him.

  3. Let’s see, in the past 24 hours he has accused two attorneys of incompetence or perjury, respectively, and he’s made a fool of himself by bragging about his “investigative” skills that yield 2 different makes of cars. Will a claim of typographical error, PD or poverty be in the offing?

  4. BREAKING: Bill Schmalfeldt claims to have caught Ali red-handed, parking his car in front of his house. EGADS! The horror!

    • Indeed. The zen implications of this alone … For example, I park my car in front of my house. WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN? And if it’s a Daewoo instead of a Toyota, what then are the ramifications on a cosmic level?

  5. A 2003 Hyundai? A two year old traffic ticket? Will BS and his crew of crack investigators be applying to the en-ess-a?

  6. Simple mistake. I get Hyundai and BMW confused all the time. I mean, they’re basically the same, right?

  7. He’s losing it. He just responded to an hours-old tweet by Stacy McCain as if it were new, accompanied by the usual insults, and once again made a fool of himself.

  8. I love the bit about accusing Ali of “ducking service”. When has anyone ever had the duty of accepting service?
    We should be (and have been) accusing TDPK, aka CBBS’s woobie, of the crime of miserably lousy proferral of service.
    Oh, and I’d like to join in the rituals too and chant, Fuck You Bill!

    • Recall when his good buddy the loon Roger Schuler was bragging about ducking service Schmalfeldt thought that was just fine and dandy. The sheer hypocrisy he displays on a daily basis is staggering.

  9. Darn, I miss all the fun. Looks like he edited his post. Now it’s just gibberish. BTW, anyone else find it amusing that the man who lied to the court about serving defendants is OUTRAGED that he thinks a lawyer might not have told the truth? Again, the hypocrisy shown by these people is staggering.

  10. Bullshit Bill The Talking Wart obviously doesn’t understand there can be a big difference between where you are currently living and your actual legal residence….
    but lack of understanding has never stopped him from accusing others of “criminal” acts….
    Oh and Fuck You Bill

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