Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

A while back, I made the comment that I was looking forward to seeing The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin argue some of his more imaginative motions in court this coming Monday and that I also wanted to see the expression on the judge’s face when she hears them. Bill Schmalfeldt, as part of his shilling for TDPK, has a post called Akbar Lawyer Caught in Fib? over at Patriot-Ombusman (No, I won’t link to it.).P-O20140110TDPK’s “evidence” is a copy of a traffic ticket issued by a Virginia State Trooper to Ali Akbar. The ticket shows that he has a Texas driver’s license and shows a Texas address. It also shows a temporary mailing address in Virginia. Visiting a friend in Virginia and asking that mail be sent there does not establish residence in that state.

TDPK filed the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance suit without knowing how to find three of the five defendants. He made a fool of himself by publishing a certified mail receipt showing that his attempted service on Stacy McCain was sent to the wrong address. (Stacy later accepted service via his lawyer.) Kimberlin still hasn’t located Ali Akbar and hasn’t properly served him, and TDPK still doesn’t know the identity(ies) of Kimberlin Unmasked.

The phrase grasping at straws comes to mind.

You can help us defend ourselves from TDPK’s vexatious attack on our First Amendment rights. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

35 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. silly Hoge, you’re arguing facts against CBBS’s certified delusions, you know that isn’t fair! /sarc
    Oh and Fuck You Bill

  2. considering how The Talking Wart and company have no problem with their own lying to court officials, one wonders why they get so upset when they think others have…..
    Oh and Fuck You Bill

    • funny how Team Kimberlin is so quick to claim libel/slander/defamation while committing it themselves isn’t it?
      Oh and Fuck You Bill

      • There’s a reason I like to call BS “Projection Bill.” It clearly applies to the other Team members as well. Whatever they shriek the loudest about is generally exactly what they are doing themselves.

  3. The traffic ticket that the deranged cyberstalker cites as evidence is almost two years old. It was a year and a half old when BK filed suit. There is a concept known as “moving.” That occurs when people physically relocate themselves and their worldly possessions to a new, legal domicile. I am sure that BS personally checked to make sure that Ali does not currently live at either address before he accused a lawyer of perjuring himself. Right? Surely a professional journalist would have taken such a precaution?

    • Oh pppffttttt, actual investigation into an allegation BEFORE publishing accusations is only for RWNJs not “professional journomalist” like The Talking Wart claims to be….
      Oh and Fuck You Bill

      • Perfectly OK, I think, to wonder where Ali is, but in that tweet, BS crossed the line and outright accused a lawyer of violating rules of the court and the code of professional ethics.

  4. I’m supposed to believe a convicted perjurer when he accuses someone of lying …. with absolutely no evidence? That’s Cabin Boy logic.

  5. BS is really being so helpful. For example, he posted the email exchange between Ali’s lawyer and BK, and it appears that BK is using the Justice Through Music email address to litigate, when it is not a party. Is he using non profit computers to do this, too? Is this a proper use of a non profit’s resources?

  6. You know. One of the bigger problems TDPK and his followers have is that they don’t understand that words have specific meaning, doubly so when they’re being used by lawyers in a law context.

    Being a “resident” is a very specific term in this sense. You can live somewhere for quite a while and not be a resident.

    Heck, my wife lived in another state for 2 years, had an apartment, bank account and mail delivered there.
    But she wasn’t a resident because she came home for about a month each year. And since schooling is considered a secondary or temporary resident situation, her residence stayed in this state.

    Residency is weird. I for one will assume the lawyer knows what he said.

    • Yes, the term “resident” can be technical. I was in a similar situation as your wife for years. If one has a driver’s license in a particular state, there is a good chance you are legally considered a “resident” of that state independent of where you are living at the time or identifying from. You’ll be able to vote and get selected for jury duty at your licensed address. If you still have links and do not display intent to permanently change residence (for example, getting a new driver’s license in one’s new state), you can keep a legal residence outside of where you live. There may be other complications, but it’s certainly possible and legal.

      But remember, Projection Bill never seems to get all three necessary components of causation: correlation, time order, and elimination of alternative explanations. Doesn’t mean he’s always wrong here (though it happens quite a bit), but he rarely proves causation on the merits as he tends to trip up on spuriousness (at least).

      • It amuses me that apparently The Talking Wart seems to think any speculation any of us commenters make on this blog is = a statement made by (or supported by) Hoge.
        A good question is why is The Talking Wart so obsessed with finding Ali considering 1. he isn’t a part of Bk’s suit and 2. it isn’t any damn business of an adjudicated harasser where Ali lives in the first place??
        Oh and Fuck You Bill.

        • You must remember that essentially all of the comment on the Team Kimberlin related blogs are from sockpuppets, so he may have trouble grasping that I don’t have to rely on socks for comments.

          BTW, your comments are affecting the Cabin Boy. He just sent me one of his “anonymous” nastygram comments that recycled your tag line (but directed to me).

      • There’s an unhinged character who appears on another blog, usually ranting and raving, who insists ALL THE OTHER COMMENTERS ARE SOCKPUPPETS. It’s really rather a breath-taking delusion.

  7. I like how BS says that Mr. Hoge (I still hear HOOOAGIEMON!!) SWEARS – SWEARS – that Ali was visiting a fiend.

    But that just isn’t so. He is offering a potential alternative that could easily explain why Ostronic’s statement could be true despite whatever it is that BS believes. Also, I note that the “address” in Lynchburg that they point to on the DMCA is a PO Box and is listed as the address of the business or organization – not a personal one.

    And finally, BS found a picture on the internet of a car that looks like one in the parking lot. Now, it isn’t like there are other BMW sedans in the world, and the silver one that he found a picture of, that looks like the one in the parking lot, oddly enough doesn’t look like hte blue one in the video.


      • this is actually a reply to the comment one up about comments getting to The Talking Wart-
        Good, if he doesn’t like what I or others on here say tough titty, as my mama used to say, best way to find trouble and things that hurt your feelings is to go looking for them, so don’t.
        Oh and Fuck You Bill

    • Bullshit Bill The Talking Wart isn’t one to worry about whether or not he’s repeating what someone else says truthfully when he is busy attacking others with his own lies…
      Oh and Fuck You Bill.

      • Yet again, Projection Bill fails the spuriousness test. Pretty sure one or two (or ten) easy explanations far less tortured than his exist. Doesn’t necessarily make him wrong, just ignorant and illogical. Oh, and quite likely wrong too. To paraphrase a ridiculous man, Bill “has to learn that things are not ‘so’ because he SAYS they are.”

    • LOL! Ali doesn’t drive a BMW. And his car isn’t grey,

      Indeed, the make of car shown on the traffic ticket that the Cabin Boy has posted is a Hyundai.

  8. Oh look, it seems TDPK has filed for sanctions against Ostronic for filing false information.

    Well, there’s a tactic.

  9. Man I slip away for a few days and ALL SORTS of fun stuff goes down. It’s alright though…by now Team Kimberlin must be banging their heads against the wall trying to prove I’ve been using a sock puppet, or some other form of deviousness.
    353 charges CBBS. 3 weeks to prepare, Make sure you have your affairs in order…it is possible you will not be going back home after the trial

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