The Cabin Boy Strikes Back

So Bill Schmalfeldt says that he’s challenging the extension of the Hoge “verses” Schmalfeldt peace order (in iambic pentameter, I hope). I haven’t been served yet, but, considering that he is saying he’s doing something foolish, it’s probably safe to believe him.

This whole peace order thing is beginning to remind me of a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’ve whacked the Cabin Boy twice now, the peace order and the extension, and he thinks he is going to kick my ass.Monty Python Black KnightI suspect his bluster during his appeal will be analogous to the Black Knight’s, and he’ll probably enjoy the same level of success.

BLACK KNIGHT: Just a flesh wound. [Kicks Arthur]
ARTHUR: Look, stop that.
BLACK KNIGHT: Chicken! Chicken!
ARTHUR: Look, I’ll have your leg. Right! [Cuts off a leg]
BLACK KNIGHT: Right, I’ll do you for that!
ARTHUR: You’ll what?
BLACK KNIGHT: Come ‘ere!
ARTHUR: What are you going to do, bleed on me?
BLACK KNIGHT: I’m invincible!
ARTHUR: You’re a loony.

The big difference is Holy Grail is a silly movie while the Cabin Boy’s antics are all too real.

14 thoughts on “The Cabin Boy Strikes Back

  1. I think the better metaphor is in the final fight in Dirty Harry. Imagine if, after Harry shot the psychopath, the guy’s last words were, “but you only shot me once. You missed every other time.” Maybe so, but that’s all it takes.

    To extend the metaphor, you have something like 400 shots you (or more precisely the state) is preparing to shoot at Bill, with around that many violations of the peace order. Pop quiz: how many does he have to lose to face jail time?

  2. His published “papers” (if he filed that as it appears) signal “fruitcake,” or rather, deranged cyberstalker and/or disturbed freak. If he had any sense at all, or at least a sense of proportion, he would simply demonstrate his ability to control himself by ending unwanted contact and prove himself a normal human being who doesn’t need a peace order, by acting like one. Someone doesn’t want to hear from you and you won’t stop, and Maryland with an interest in keeping the peace, orders you to stop, and you don’t stop or can’t stop and DON”T WANT to stop, there is something wrong with you.

  3. Cabin Boy complains about printing IP addresses . . . then prints IP addresses. Wee Willy, who still has not donated to BS’s fundraiser, is making noise about suing you, probably for mopery with intent to lurk. Does he know that BS calls Asian women “mail order brides”?

    • It looks like he’s defaming people again by calling them crooks when they haven’t been convicted of anything.

  4. Neal’s photo dump ( can’t remember why I thought it was Neal’s but there was some reason to at the time) through nowof the phone pics I saw months ago. Was trying to figure that musician guy out, what in the world he would want to hook up with a loser like Kimberlin… Some musical chops or interest in progressive politics don’t account for it…in fact anyone interested in good music would rather keep far far away from BK, at least if there were no meal ticket involved. I wondered why NR kept his little dossier.

    • Why?
      1. He is monumentally stupid so he fits in.
      2. He was deeply involved with Schmalfeldt during the time they both got humiliated during the Scott Walker recall by the Knot folks.
      3. H is monumentally stupid. (Sorry, can’t be repeated often enough)

      • He ,still has yet to this day to grasp exactly what happened to him there. You see, Knot My Wisconsin=Lucy Billy= Charlie Brown. We kept pulling the ball out from underneath him time after time after time. Whether that be, the Facebook page(s) like OBN and or the website he likes to speak of. We would take them down and he would claim “victory” and we would pull it back… Watch him get more pissed off…….. take it down… Watch him claim victory! Pull it back up….. point and laugh at him for having a meltdown.. wait a while. Take it down….. Bait him, watch him claim victory. Put it back up. Point and laugh at Billy and his buddies some more. It was a never ending cycle. Seriously who is dumb enough to fall for the same gag over and over and over? Bill Schmalfedlt , that’s who.

      • I doubted that there was anyone dumber than a certain cyberstalker, but I may be forced to change my mind after catching up on Twitter chatter today.

    • The funny part, in a sad sort of pathetic way? When they were trying to harass us from the Operation Burn Notice days? {insert the state farm French Model commercial here } These idiots had themselves just thoroughly convinced that people were running around Wisconsin burning recall petitions. They just couldn’t grasp that they were being trolled. They couldn’t wrap their tiny little brains around the fact that there was about 200 of us just laughing at them everyday on Facebook. Bill? Well he just thought he had the story of his wannabe pathetic journalism career and life just given to him. He just knew that we were criminals and he had us nailed. Little Willy? LOL! Made up stories of how he was an attorney, and he was suing someone(sound similar from today?) Oh good god, I could just gone on and on with stories about these morons.

      • What made it doubly funny was that you had one group feeding Schmalfeldt “seekret info” on the other group. Bill would gleefully run with that info without verifying it and get humiliated. Lather, rinse, repeat. Oh, the laughs. He never learned.

      • Heh, sounds very familiar – we used to game Deb Frisch the exact same way.

        We’d even tell her we were going to do so, before commencing our psyops – and she’d still fall for it, hook, line, and sinker!!


        Because we always took great care to tell her what she wanted to hear.

        There are people doing that to you, today, Cabin Boy.

        They are not allies of HOGEMAN, but you won’t understand.

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