8 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It raises the interesting question of whether, or not, Brett Kimberlin committed multiple felonies because he was a criminal, or he is criminal because he committed multiple felonies. In either case, no decent human being hits an eleven year-old girl in the face or takes her puppy.

  2. Or brings a bomb to a high school football game. Or refuses to pay court-ordered restitution/damages to the widow of Carl Delong. Or is an adjudicated harasser, even if he hates the nickname “deranged cyberstalker.”

    The only way Mr. Schmalfeldt justifies this level of activity is to genuinely hate Hoge, Walker and the rest. He really looks in the mirror and sees a man doing the “right thing.” Spooky. Once you label folks as “not ordinary human beings”.you’ll let yourself do almost anything.

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