Prevarication Du Jour

Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson tweeted that he didn’t think this would last 10 minutes in the Hogewash! comments section. He was right. I zapped it in a bit under 8 minutes.wilsb8_201401090157ZHe was dead wrong about the my batting average against the Cabin Boy. I have filed only two legal actions against him, the two peace order petitions. The first was granted by the Circuit Court. The second was denied by the District Court, but I didn’t bother to appeal because it would have been redundant with the first. That makes my batting average 0.500.

The State of Maryland has filed several criminal cases against the Cabin Boy. Several have been dropped, five in Carroll County by my count, but four more are still active.

The Cabin Boy has filed two actions against me so far. The first was his appeal of the peace order which he lost. The second is an appeal of the extension of that order. He’s still at bat on that one, but so far his average is 0.000.

Regardless of how you do the math, Bill Schmalfeldt has not yet been successful with any of the actions he has begun. I, OTOH, have had some success

So who is the loser?

UPDATE—It has been suggested that I should also claim the extension of the peace order as another “victory.” I don’t think so. It is, after all, simply a part of the original matter.

6 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. The extension of the peace order was like stretching a single into a double, score it as a hit and E2- the catcher threw his chance away.

  2. I can’t imagine how these guys, alleged child molesters, convicted domestic terrorist/bomber, and convicted child pornographer, can believe they are anything but losers. Oh, and the one guy lives is a freaking trailer, is on gov’t assistance, and has dog poop in his bed. Losers.

  3. Little Willy sure has his panties in a wad over you posting that shot of his email. Says YOU are responsible for anyone who tracks him down. Say, wouldn’t that make Schmalfeldt responsible for anything that happens to Lee or his family? Do these guys EVER think before they post?

    Oh yes, Little Willy says he knows DANGER! (I’m guessing Carlos Danger?). He’s going to get you kicked off the Twitter see. (How he would do that for something you didn’t post on Twitter is best left unasked. You don’t want to confuse a mental midget like Little Willey)

    Trying to figure out which is greater, their panic or their stupidity, is like trying to escape a recursive loop.

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