Mystery Author

One of the great legal victories about which Bill Schmalfeldt brags is the denial of Aaron Walker’s petition for a peace order back in March, 2013. The petition was filed on Friday, 1 March, and a temporary order was issued. Early the next week, a motion to dismiss was filed. The hearing for final order was scheduled on 8 March, but because of death of Schmalfeldt’s mother, the case was continued for two weeks. During the brief hearing on the 8th, the judge mentioned the motion to dismiss which came as surprise to Aaron Walker, who had not been served a copy, and to Schmalfeldt’s lawyer Tae Kim, who had no knowledge of it.

So who wrote that motion? The Cabin Boy? Or someone else?

8 thoughts on “Mystery Author

  1. Funny hoe BS made such a stink about your attorney of record when he ripped up the docs you sent him.

    • Good catch. Bill said Hoge could not file anything and that his lawyer had to do it. But here we have “someone” filing a motion that was NOT Bill’s lawyer. Wonder how the dishonest Cabin Boy will spin this? He’ll probably just ignore it like the calls for him to state the name of the court clerk he said he spoke to on Christmas Eve….when the courts were closed.

  2. Well, if Walker wasn’t properly served, it must have been written by someone who does not care much about serving papers according to court rules. Hmmm. Could be anybody.

  3. Hmmm….sounds like the plot of this week’s Major Crimes TV show. A jailhouse lawyer was writing court pleadings for other inmates. They used a text comparison program to determine which crook actually wrote the briefs. Art imitates life or lifeimitates art.

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