Is the Cabin Boy Appealing?

The deadline for filing a notice of appeal of the extension of the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order with the Circuit Court was close of business today. Last Thursday, he stated his intention to appeal and published this—Appeal2We shall see if he followed through.

BTW, verses is the plural of verse, meaning writing arranged in a metrical rhythm. Versus is a preposition meaning against.

17 thoughts on “Is the Cabin Boy Appealing?

  1. He also misspells “judgment” quite frequently, and was schooled on the proper use of “infer” versus (heh) “imply.” And he was a copy editor for government press releases, eh?

  2. he is a useful idiot for Kimbelin, no more than that. The fact that in he thinks (in his version of reality) that he is anything more just shows how delusional he is. Keep up the good work Hoge, lots of ppl who don’t comment are both pulling and praying for you and everyone else who has to deal with his and his owner’s idiocy.

  3. He’s offended by WJJH mentioning a “typo” in a legal document, when BS loves to ridicule the Twitter typos of others. Can dish it out but can’t take it.

  4. Second verse, same as the first?

    I’ll let someone else make up the lyrics to an “I’m Henry the 8th, I am” parody.

  5. He should’ve stayed a corpseman. But I imagine he was too corpulent to go on humps with the Marines, hence the switch to JO. That certainly worked out well…

  6. It will be interesting to see if he followed through. One never knows. Baghdad Blob is so full of hot air, macho posturing, and just downright dishonesty. He did write a long, Poor victim me, full of lies post on his sewer wall a few days ago. Said he was giving up. He is dying see? And he just can’t take it anymore. But, as I said, he is so fundamentally dishonest that you just never know what old pudgy will do.

  7. The notice is real special but the challenge is for him to write a coherent argument why the extension of a peace order – the original appeal of which was denied and is law of the case – should be overturned.

    And we know he can’t do that.

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