Brett Kimberlin and Acme Law

Given his attempts to intervene in various cases involving Bill Schmalfeldt, it seems fairly obvious to me that the senior partner in Acme Law is Brett Kimberlin. He showed up at the Howard County District Courthouse while Aaron Walker was there filing a peace order petition agains the Cabin Boy and attempted to intervene. His stylistic fingerprints were all over the surprise motion to dismiss in that case (Schmalfeldt’s lawyer Tae Kim didn’t know about it). Kimberlin sought to have the appeal trials of my peace order petitions against him and Schmalfeldt combined so that he could argue both cases himself. Tae Kim was brought back into the case to represent Schmalfeldt after The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin came up against my lawyer Zoa Barnes.

There are a lot motions scheduled to be heard next Monday in the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit, so I’ve been reviewing the motions and other filings from TDPK. I have to say Kimberlin’s legal work shown in them is on par with the classic Acme stuff that the Cabin Boy relied on in his motion to modify and appeal of the peace order (both denied). Some of it is so amazingly … umm … imaginative that I look forward to 1) hearing TDPK argue his motions in court and 2) seeing the reaction on the judge’s face.

Several of the motions to be heard next Monday are motions to dismiss the case. It’s possible that the whole thing will be over before noon.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—Team Kimberlin comments thus:TK201401082005Z

While it is true that my son does live with me, he doesn’t live in the basement. I’m surprised that anyone from Team Kimberlin would confuse my son with Mrs. Kimberlin’s.

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  1. I’m sure it just enrages all of TK when ya’ll refuse to lay down for them to crap all over you. Keep up the good work and trust me, a LOT of ppl don’t comment on this and other blogs concerning Kimberlin but they are pulling and praying for all of you.

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