Baghdad Blob’s Bleg

Bill Schmalfeldt has another fundraising scheme seeking donations to pay for a lawsuit against the evil wingnuts who stole his good name. After four days of fundraising, he has only $24,925 to go toward his goal.

Stacy McCain has this to say about the Cabin Boy’s dreams of making the wingnuts pay.

7 thoughts on “Baghdad Blob’s Bleg

    • The Cabin Boy seems to believe that $25k will cover his expenses, hence, “to pay.”

      However, “to go toward” is more reasonable because $25k would just be a downpayment on the cost of a real lawsuit. Since when has the Cabin Boy been reasonable?

      • I think you overlooked the actual typo. You wrote:

        “only $24,925 to toward his goal.”

        You left out the “go” and I believe that is the typo that was pointed out.\

        Also, I think everyone should dig up some foreign coins and mail tiny amounts, like two Canadian pennies, to BS. Of course, use his address as the return address. And make sure you tape the coins to something inside the envelope.

        I think it would show how much everyone cares and give him something to do with his spare time, both before and after he is incarcerated.

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