What Does the Cabin Boy Have in Common with OJ?

OJ was acquitted at his murder trial. Bill Schmalfeldt had the first set of criminal charges relating to his harassment of me dropped. Both beat the rap as criminals.

OJ was found to be responsible for the death of his wife and was adjudicated a murderer in a civil trial. Bill Schmalfeldt was found to be responsible for my harassment and was adjudicated a harasser in a civil trial.

A civil adjudication does not bring the same penalties as a criminal conviction, but it is a finding by a court. Bill Schmalfeldt is an adjudicated harasser. His appeals related to that matter have been exhausted, and that finding has not been overturned. None of his whining will change the legal fact that he is an adjudicated harasser.

9 thoughts on “What Does the Cabin Boy Have in Common with OJ?

  1. I would beg to differ that Bill Schmalfeldt “has beat the rap.” Until the statute of limitations expires, Bill Schmalfeldt is subject to prosecution for his numerous acts of harassment, including his actions towards the Stranahans. When a number of SAs in Maryland took the view that this was just an internet feud they chose poorly. Bill Schmalfeldt has chosen to rub their poor decision in their faces. Eventually, they may very well decide to make what is for them a humiliating reversal. Taunting them to do it will continue to be an effective strategy for Bill Schmalfeldt right up until he goes to jail.

  2. You can tell when the Cabin Boy is really feeling the pressure because he calls for Wee Willy (AKA Fergi, VOSF, etc) First Cabin Boy brags to Wee Willy that he “blocked” me on Twitter. Then the Cabin Boy demands that I don’t @mention him.
    1. If he blocked me he would never know I was @mentioning him. So he obviously lied. So now we know he lies to Wee Willy much like Kimby lies to him. Nice group of folks there. All in their little lying circle.
    2. Cabin Boy has spent the better part of a year crying and melting down insisting that an @mention is NOT contact. He claims Twitter itself says so. So why is he now demanding that people don’t @mention him? I’ll be the judge will love to see him tweeting those demands. Just goes to show that even the Cabin Boy doesn’t believe the lies he’s told the judge.

    All in all another day packed with Fail for the Cabin Boy. He really needs to consider another line of work. This troll gig is NOT working out well for him.

  3. On a more probable than not basis, Bill Schmalfeldt has been found liable for harassing you. And if he does it again to you, or someone else, that fact may prove to help prove him liable again (especially if it establishes a pattern).

    This is all Bill has. His life has no meaning. He has no friends. He lashes out because he has no alternative. It is rather sad.

    • Rather sad, perhaps, but it is of his own doing. Remember, there is a reason for the fact that most of his family can’t stand him and that he has no friends.

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  5. Poor Cabin Boy has reading comprehension problems. He is crying that you compared what he did to what OJ did. Of course you didn’t, but since when has the Cabin Boy been either smart or honest?

    • Of course, the Cabin Boy’s actions aren’t really comparable to OJ’s. Simpson had to face his victims, whereas Schmalfeldt hides behind his computer.

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