Prevarication Du Jour

As I noted earlier, Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to be getting much support from his Internet buddies with his Baghdad Blob’s Bleg trying to raise $25,000 to fund a lawsuit. My earlier post brought in fifty bucks from Matt Osborne, but that’s it.wilsb8_201401070053ZLet’s pretend for a moment that Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson is telling the truth. He follows the @DespicableBill account, so the Cabin Boy’s tweets have been showing up in VOSF’s timeline. VOSF’s not knowing would be the result of ignoring dozens of tweets over the last few days.

OTOH, if we were to scroll through @wilsb8’s tweets, we would find this—wilsb8_201401050223ZReading that exchange sorta/kinda pokes a hole in any rational belief that VOSF was unaware of the Cabin Boy’s fundraiser. In spite of the likelihood that the Cabin Boy will accuse me of “blind unreasoning hatred,” it seems reasonable to conclude that VOSF lied.

Oh, the premium that the Cabin Boy was offering was his urinal calibration target.

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  1. I noticed both VOSF and the Cabin Boy vociferously denying that Bill had posted Lee’s address after Occupy Rebellion had made it’s rape threat against Lee’s wife. Now the Cabin Boy has a post up at the sewer he occupies that shows clearly that OR made a rape threat and in response the Cabin Boy posted not only Lee’s address, but pictures of his house as well. If he was going to do that, why spend all that time and effort denying he did just that the other night? The man is none too smart.

    • More importantly, if that whole incident never happened, then why does he complain about LS sending the cops to his house over a “fake rape threat”?

      You know, a friend told me that Parkinsons patients sometimes develop what is known as Parkinsons Dementia. I looked it up and OMG.

      Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease Dementia:
      Changes in memory, concentration and judgement
      Trouble interpreting visual information
      Muffled speech
      Visual hallucinations
      Delusions, especially paranoid ideas
      Irritability and anxiety
      Sleep disturbances, including excessive daytime drowsiness and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep disorder

  2. He is passing around on Twitter the oddest email he sent to Lee Stranahan. Dredging up old accusations against Stranahan regarding the death of his child. Using the same ‘old if you could just give me certain information, I’ll apologize…’ (I’m paraphrasing.) He wants the names of Stranahan’s doctors. Can you imagine the gall? It’s odd because it mixes a conciliatory tone with an attempt to extort information — all aimed at hurting Stranahan.

    • All I saw at patriot ombudsman was a screenshot of an email that he allegedly sent. It ays “ignoring [this email] means you have no interest in the ultimate truth being told”. My only comment is that I can open up an email program, type up a draft, take a screenshot and never send it, too.

  3. Wow. Pet Willy is a pathetic liar just like his buddy Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfail. Who’da thunk it? *eyeroll*

    BTW — @guntotingteabag was sharing on Twitter a day-or-two ago the depths of Pet Willy’s delusional deceit and stunningly, strong stupidity going at least as far back as the Knot My Wisconsin’s OBN days. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are some serious, thick-headed tools.

    Denial, narcissism, and lies run deep with the OBN cat toys. They very much deserve each other.

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