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  1. He’s also arguing venue again. He did, however, admit that it was he who first contacted you to “engage” you.

    • He’s confusing venue and jurisdiction.

      Where to charge a crime is a matter of jurisdiction. In the case of a crime in Maryland, that is the county in which the crime was committed. Since crimes are committed against a victim, that means the county where the victim was when the crime occurred. For example, A is Baltimore County, and B is in Anne Arundel County. A shoots an arrow across the county line and wounds B. The assault charge would be filed in Anne Arundel County. Or S is in Howard County, and H is in Carroll County. S sends harassing communications to H. Charges would be filed in Carroll County. Venue, the location of the trial, defaults to the county with jurisdiction, but may be moved.

      The Cabin Boy had the right to ask for a change of venue from Carroll County to Howard County before the first trial started. He didn’t, so venue is now remains in Carroll County.

  2. wow, what was the turn around on you posting that and him tweeting arguments about it?? JEEZ…
    Well at least he has finally left off the whole “@mentions are NOT CONTACT!!!11!!ELEVENTY” crap, which is why I’m sure he’s starting to sweat those charges…..

    • Speaking of crap, his so-called logic fails once again. He implies that the judge ruled in WJJH’s favor in part because of Zoa’s relationship to the SA. But the other prosecutors ignore that same relationship and drop charges? By the way, judges aren’t afraid of prosecutors, who have no power in a courtroom. It’s the other way around.

  3. and something I meant to put in previous
    the only reason to mention that the SA is Hoge’s attorney’s brother in law is to insinuate corruption. He’d claimed before that that wasn’t his intent when McCain blogged about it but if not then why mention it?? Delusional should be his middle name…..

    • So far as I know, Zoa Barnes’s husband is not related to Jerry Barnes, the Carroll County State’s Attorney.

      My wife’s mother’s maiden name was Barnes and there’s no kinship there either. Barnes is a reasonably common surname, unlike either Hoge or Schmalfeldt.

      • Wait, he’s basing his knowledge of this relationship solely on a common last name?

        According to howmanyofme.com there are 548 people named Jerry Barnes in the US. Good luck with that, Señor Neckroll.

    • He’d claimed before that that wasn’t his intent when McCain blogged about it but if not then why mention it??”

      There is no other reason to mention it. Schmalfeldt knows exactly what he did and why he did it, despite the fact (as Hoge mentions below) that the coincidence of the name “Barnes” is just that, a coincidence. The insinuation of favoritism was as deliberate as it was obvious, and I’m reasonably certain that if these comments of Schmalfeldt’s are brought to the attention of the judge and/or the State’s Attorney, he will have cause to regret that insinuation.

      What Schmalfeldt is doing, of course, is his typical scapegoating routine: if bad things happen to him, it can never be his fault; rather, there must always be some reason why Schmalfeldt is the victim of wrongdoing by malefactors.

  4. I”m telling you, he is going for an insanity defense. Just watch the crazy ramp up until the court date. Then it will be, Victim, PD had diminished my mental capacity, etc.

    • if so I’d hope the judge would ban him from the internet (if such a thing were possible) for his own good….

      • It’s possible that such a condition could be imposed as a term of probation under a plea bargain deal. In respect to the violation of the peace order, really, the prosecution has Bill nailed, but I’m sure they don’t want to send him to jail. So some sort of plea deal, acceptable to all involved, is the most likely outcome. And I’m guessing that the complainant would expect some limitation of Schmalfeldt’s online activity as a condition of probation. The essential problem is Schmalfeldt’s refusal to take Hoge’s complaint (and the judge’s ruling) seriously. Schmalfeldt apparently can’t accept that there are limits to his behavior.

    • Frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t had a long record before now, given some of his pathological behavior on display.

      • I’m not convinced he doesn’t have one. He wasn’t always pinned down in a trailer lot in Maryland.

  5. I believe that he actually wants to be criminally charged, as that would create a martyrdom for him to hold over TDPK. Not understanding that TDPK is already cutting him loose for his incompetence.

  6. There’s gotta be a sweet spot: Nutty enough to be NOT held responsible, and sane enough to not get locked up. I think the psychiatric term is “Never go full Schmalfeldt.”

  7. Ironic that a peace order is a weapon… A weapon? All the Cabin Boy had to do was leave you alone! The crazy is strong in this one.

    Regarding his pathology, think about it: He was probably a narcissist all his life — look at his marital/family relationships, after all — then they started playing with his brain — of which, by the way, he is so very proud of and considers himself to be some kind of martyr or something. Like he donated his brain to science for the good of mankind. LOL. Already evil + tamper with the brain matter = full fledged cray cray.

    His current wife must be financially dependent on him and his benefits — possibly she is disabled herself — otherwise I can’t believe she would stay with him, especially during this criminal activity, multiple websites, etc. She’s got to be purposely ignorant of his current goings on, one would think. Either that, or he is (and has been) such a bully to her that she is afraid to leave, even though he is not in the physical condition he once was. Stockholm syndrome or such. She’s probably a nice lady stuck in a horrible situation. His possible incarceration might just be looked upon as a much-needed break by Mrs. Schmalfeldt. Speaking of Mrs. Schmalfeldt, his mother was probably also some sort of victim/nice lady. You see this kind of thing all the time.

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