Baghdad Blob’s Bleg

25kTitleThat’s the title of Bill Schmalfeldt’s fundraising campaign seeking to raise $25,000 to pay for a lawsuit against us “wingnuts” who have stolen his “good name.” It is based on a couple of false premises.

The first is that Bill Schmalfeldt’s reputation is such that he had a good name when his activities came under the scrutiny of those of us he refers to as “wingnuts.” Such an assertion is utter rubbish. By the time the Cabin Boy began to draw attention to himself by attacks on the National Bloggers Club, Aaron Walker, and Lee Stranahan, he had already made a fool of himself with his “coverage” of the Wisconsin recall elections, and he been fired or banned from several online venues. His actions over the past couple of years have not enhanced his reputation.

wingnutThe second is the nonsensical proposition that we “wingnuts” somehow took his reputation from him. What happened over the last year is that, beginning with Lee Stranahan, those of us who had been his victims began to try to have him held accountable for his harassment. Lee Stranahan wasn’t successful. Neither was Aaron Walker. I have been partially successful. Schmalfeldt is subject to a peace order because of his harassment of me, and there are criminal charges pending against him because of his violations of that order. The Cabin Boy was adjudicated a harasser in a fair and open trial during which he was represented by able counsel. He appealed, and his appeal was rejected.

Schmalfeldt has a history of making threats. He has a history of making false reports to law enforcement and other government agencies. And he has been making noises about causing more mischief for us “wingnuts.” Some of us exercise common sense and occasionally take a look at what he writing to see what he’s up to. The Cabin Boy calls this “stalking.”

The Baghdad Blob’s Bleg has been singularly unsuccessful, but not because leftwing folks don’t have money or are cheapskates. These days, progressive causes tend to be better funded than conservative or libertarian ones. Schmalfeldt’s problem is more likely that he has so throughly trashed his own reputation that even the moonbat fringe wants nothing to do with him and that he may have become more of a liability than an asset to his “friends.”


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  2. An interesting point is that $25,000 is basically a deposit for a law suit like this. Let’s say an attorney in Maryland bills at $250 an hour. After 100 hours of work – oh, maybe 25 hours a week, or even 12.5 hours a week, to be generous – the money will run out after 2 months. Then what? Then the court will dismiss an unlitigated suit, most likely with prejudice. That means he won’t be able to sue the same people for the same things ever again. I guess Acme Law didn’t tell the Cabin Boy this bit of information.

    • Yep, lawsuits are expensive. Let’s say he sues the same five defendants as The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has in the state lawsuit. Each of the five defendants would be entitled to depose the Cabin Boy. Separately. If he wanted his lawyer present during each all-day deposition … 8 hours times $250/hour is $2000/day times five days is ten kilobucks. Each defendant is allowed 30 interrogatories, 30 requests for documentation, and 30 requests for admission. Allowing 0.2 hour for each response … 90 discovery items times 5 defendants is 450 items times 0.2 hour each is 20 hours times $250/hour is $22,500. That’s over $25k without the expense of filing the suit or conducting his own discovery—or preliminary hearings or a trial.

      $25,000 would be a lowball budget for a suit against a single party.

      • Very low. A motion for summary judgment alone can take around 100 hours to draft it it’s a complicated one. I venture to guess that’s about how long Aaron Walker spent on some of his motions in the current suits. That’s $25,000 right there, for ONE motion.

  3. And let’s suppose the sues people outside of Maryland. He has to travel, on HIS dime, to get to the depositions they request. And if he wants his lawyer present? He has to pay for that travel too.

    No, Acme Law is just playing with the Cabin Boy as usual.

    • Travel includes airfare, lodging, and food. Not to mention that you have to hire a certified court reporter at your destination to transcribe the deposition.

  4. As A Reader and Frankie have pointed out, lawfare waged through attorneys is expensive. Neal Rauhauser’s model of using cheap pro se litigation only works when the victims either back down and settle to avoid the expense of defending the suit. It fails miserably against a defendant who either is willing to pay for a proper defense, or can secure pro bono representation, or is capable of a proper pro se defense on his own.

  5. Xenophon is another ace legal eagle. It is blogging about seminars in which Ali was involved entitled “Beating the IRS.” This is supposed to be something nefarious. If you look closely, however, it was in the context of estate planning, specifically something called “planned giving,” which allows a person to structure their assets so that the bulk of them go to charity instead of being consumed by taxes and probate costs. Lawyers all over the country give seminars like this, and there are even bar continuing education courses with those titles. These people pretend to be savvy and sophisticated but their lack of basic knowledge is a dead giveaway. It’s like Eliza the flower girl, walkin’, and talkin’ and actin’ like a right lady, when her street accent gives away her background and lack of polish.

      • I left a polite comment asking why it was bad to structure your estate to make sure the money went to charity. I don’t expect it to be posted or answered. Much like the Cabin Boy, BU won’t post comments that are not 100% suck up.

  6. Poor widdle VOSF. I used your post to point out to him that he indeed read Bill begging post. He now claims that Bill hawks him so much merchandise he doesn’t even look anymore. But he answered the post that he didn’t look at. He get’s further and further in that hole with each response. Also it’s funny that Bill seeks to get money from his friends so much that they won’t even pay attention to him anymore. But yet the Cabin Boy is all too eager to criticize everyone else that raises even a single penny.

  7. didn’t Cabin Boy claim he had “no fight left” other than seeing the appeal to the PO extension out?? so what is he still trying to raise money for?? O.o

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