Money and Mouths

BaghdadBlobBleg20140104There’s an old expression that encourages one to put one’s money where one’s mouth is. As can be seen in the unchanged total in Baghdad Blob’s Bleg (Bill Schmalfeldt’s fundraiser seeking $25,000 to fund a lawsuit against me), none of the Cabin Boy’s Internet buddies have given anything to his effort.

Matt Osborne $0
XCitizen10 zip
William Ferguson nada
WhoisNumberNone zilch
Breitbartunmask nothing
x3n0ph0n zero
Neal Rauhauser pfft

I can understand not wanting to throw good money after bad, but it’s pathetic that they can’t come up with a few bucks.


22 thoughts on “Money and Mouths

  1. Perhaps this public shaming will lead Bill to contributing another $25… err, I mean some other kind, foolish soul to contribute to his fundraiser.

  2. And on cue, Projection Bill is in fine Twitter form:

    “[Mr. Hoge] NEEDS to taunt others. Like a fish needs water. He NEEDS to mock and humiliate.”

    Does Bill have the self-awareness to realize that he might be heavily projecting again? Rhetorical question, of course.

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  4. Gee, wasn’t it Bill who mocked, hour by hour, the first days of fundraising for the Bomber Sues Bloggers fund? Why yes, yes it was. That man has the self awareness of a coffee table.

    • And the death of a child, even though six medical professionals said a home birth had nothing to do with it?

  5. Oh, my, now he’s lying an dashing he’s never heard this before, when I see that he commented on the post where this was rehashed yet again, and within the last month, too. And he wants to “verify” – with whom, pray tell? Patient records are confidential. A little something called HIPAA. No one is going to talk to a cyber stalker who likes to play at being a journalist and risk losing their license to practice and getting fined.

    • Cyber stalker Bill Schmalfeldt threatens to harass the Stranahan family again about their family tragedy because he can’t remember his recent harassment of them and the comments he leaves like turd droppings all over the Internet. “Give me what I want or I’ll break their legs and it will be your fault.” Maybe he should be working on his upcoming criminal trial? If he’s incarcerated, do disability payments stop until he’s released from jail?

      • funny how his harassment of Stranahan & family didn’t make it into his account of how his “investigation” lead to his legal woes…..O.o

  6. Omigoodness A Reader you are causing BS to have to spew hatred lies at the Stranahans. All your fault, BS has no control over his mental facultie just like he has no control of his bowels.

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