Baghdad’s Blob’s Bleg

BaghdadBlobBleg20140104Bill Schmalfeldt is trying to raise $25,000 in order to pay for a lawsuit against me. As of 10:30 pm, Sunday, 5 January, the Baghdad Blob’s Bleg had not received any additional contributions.

Now go home and get your shinebox piggybank hoggy bank!

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy asks an insightful question:db201401061244Z

5 thoughts on “Baghdad’s Blob’s Bleg

    • Where are the donations from his pet Willy, rabbit boy, the Xenophon troll, CitizenPain, NumberZero, Matty the Mouth, his excellent bomber friend, family members?

      Really? Zip? Zilch? Nada?

      “Sucks to be you, Blobby.” pretty much says it all, don’t it?

      • Heh. It really does suck, as evidenced by the only donation being his own to dleude others as well as his pathetic attempts to be “important”, relevant and the center of attention. Such as sad and empty life! Such a waste of human protoplasm.

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