Baghdad Blob’s Bleg

BaghdadBlobBleg20140104As of 10:30 pm ET on 4 January, Baghdad Blob’s Bleg for $25,000 dollars so that he can sue me is up to the massive total of 25 bucks. Schmalfeldt received those funds from a single contributor who identified himself as “Getyourshinebox.”

That’s an interesting name. It calls to mind the line that Billy Batts throws at Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas. It’s also the line that the Cabin Boy was throwing at me when he was tweeting how he was going to subject me to devastating and humiliating cross examination during the hearing for his failed motion to modify the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order. That’s probably just a coincidence. After all, the Cabin Boy wouldn’t do something like make an initial contribution to make it look like there might be interest in his cause, would he?

BTW, I still have the shoe shine box that I made in 8th-grade shop class. It’s kinda crude, but I’m sentimentally attached to it.

8 thoughts on “Baghdad Blob’s Bleg

  1. He donated to himself I left a comment at his barren site that I tried to donate but got an error that his account was under review. I knew he both wouldn’t publish the comment and would then do a fake donation. Messing with the blob is fun.

  2. I think it is obvious that the Cabin Boy doesn’t know s**t from Shinola, and likely is shilling his own fundraiser.

  3. BS tweeted:
    “Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@DespicableBill
    Does anyone here recall anyone here keeping such close tabs on another person’s fundraising efforts? Or, STALKING?”

    Why, yes, I recall him keeping extremely close tabs on Bomber Sues Bloggers fundraising efforts, complete with ridicule. And your fundraising efforts for BK’s legal bills. And McCain and Stranahan’s fundraising efforts.

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