Prevarication Du Jour

Perhaps he is relying on the appearance that he has so few assets as to be judgment proof. Perhaps he is relying on a diminished mental capacity defense. Whatever his motivation, Bill Schmalfeldt tells lies.db201401041234ZThat tweet accuses Aaron Walker and me of stealing money. Theft is a crime. If Bill Schmalfeldt has evidence that I have stolen money, he should give that information to law enforcement. If he doesn’t, he would be well advised to publish a retraction.

That tweet accuses Aaron Walker and me of attempting to force someone to commit perjury. That is a crime also. If Bill Schmalfeldt has evidence that I have attempted to force someone to commit perjury, he should give that information to law enforcement. If he doesn’t, he would be well advised to publish a retraction.

Very soon.

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  1. Because journalism. Because ethics. Sounds like Mr. Hoge is not playing. Libel per se as Mr. Klemper is begging money to prosecute for?

  2. I visited Schmalfeldt’s blog last week (on December 28) and made the same observation, that his accusation that Hoge and Walker attempted to suborn perjury was undoubtedly defamation unless he could prove it to be true.

    Schalfeldt also published on his blog a detailed map showing the routes to and from the residences of Hoge and Walker, as well as their addresses. He did this ostensibly to show how far Hoge and Walker had to drive to attend a court hearing involving Kimberlin’s domestic dispute proceedings. I informed him that this appeared to be a sly way of greasing the skids for anyone who might be motivated to harm Hoge & Walker — (perhaps the same guy who offed Julia Scyphers?).

    I printed the entire blog post into a pdf file and informed Schmalfeldt that I would hold it for evidence should any harm be directed at Hoge or Walker. For all of Schmalfeldt’s musings about “hatred” directed at him and his hero-bomber, this appears to be projection in the extreme. Schmalfeldt’s anger at these bloggers seems over-the-top irrational, and there is evidence (like that above) that he wishes them physical harm.

    • If anything were to happen to Aaron Walker, who do you think the first couple of suspects on the Prince William County Police’s list might be?

      If anything were to happen to me, who do you think the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office might take an interest in?

  3. Just add the tweets to the list of charges, if and when it’s necessary to bring them up. Today’s meltdown is kind of epic.. and still in progress. Nothing compels me to donate to a cause like telling me I’m an idiot for not donating to the cause.
    Interesting how he says it has nothing to do with TDPK when he says he wants to sue just like TDPK. *oy*

  4. If he hocked that broken down, dilapidated, boat anchor of a laptop he is using fur bounty could get some type of a nest egg going.

    What’s the final amount on a 92 day compounding interest checking account with like $50 starting?

    It’s something. Pad rent for 2 weeks? Another URL for the same length of time?

  5. Seems Bill Schmalfeldt has taken the decision to taunt and humiliate the justice system of Maryland until they jail him. So far, it has been a fairly effective strategy for him, and, it will continue to be an effective strategy for him right up until the point that he is jailed. It is hard to predict exactly when that will be. A judge told him he had harassed you by photoshopping your likeness onto a pornographic image and extended a peace order against him for six months. In response, Schmalfeldt has photoshopped your face onto a pig. Discussing a hypothetical beating of you and Aaron Walker into a bloody pulp as his brothers watched was surely a violation of said peace order. Going to the magistrate and complaining you had perjured yourself during the Peace Order extension hearing was privileged. Publicly stating you had committed perjury was not. Unless, he can back up his assertions, they constitute defamation, which is yet another violation of the Peace Order.

    In Aaron Walker’s filing he noted a decision that stated RICO lawsuits were inherently quasi-criminal accusations, and, as result, courts must strive to ferret out and dismiss frivolous RICO suits as soon as possible. I would suggest that the court be informed that his concern is not merely academic in the Kimberlin vs Universe complaint. Aside, from the numerous connections between Kimberlin that are indisputable such as being business partners in Team Kimberlin merchandise, readily apparent, such as Kimberlin’s attempt to joint their cases in a transparent attempt to represent Schmalfeldt in court, easily uncovered in discovery, such as who paid for Schmalfeldt’s attorney or for whom Bill Schmalfeldt complained bitterly that he had to work on a holiday, there is the fact that Schmalfeldt was privy to the content’s of Kimberlin’s pleading before they were filed. Lo and behold, the same quasi-criminal accusations were repeated publicly by Schmalfeldt alleging purely criminal activities. He went so far as to submit Kimberlin’s pleadings to the FBI, taking advantage of that report to label you “as under criminal investigation.” Now, Bill Schmalfeldt is openly accusing you fraud, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice based solely on the pleadings of Brett Kimberlin.

    [I wiped my computer clean]

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