Doubling Down on Stupid

The Cabin Boy doubles down—db201401041705ZSubornation of perjury is a crime. Bill Schmalfeldt would be well advised to either publish the evidence that he has showing that I raised money for the purpose of bribing anyone to lie under oath or to publish a retraction.

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  1. Gee, what happened to “force.” Now it’s conditional support. It never was conditional. People wanted to help her because her husband is a terrible bully and liar. If she wanted to go forward, people were prepared to help her. He dragged her into court because he wanted to control her. He tried to green-warrant her when she was perfectly lucid. He was going to show her who was boss. Her story was all too believable and circumstances now, then and in between all support it. He’s always had a thing for little girls. Little girls he can give pets to and take away when they disappoint him – maybe see another kid on the side or tell him a fake story to avoid him. Little girls he can smack in the mouth. (Citizen K p327)

  2. He makes those types of accusations often, yet never offers any factual proof to back them up, and expects others to just “take his word for it”…. O.o seriously, he needs to get some mental health treatment cause he is insane….

  3. For those who don’t have a Copy of Citizen K, the above is related to testimony of Sandra Barton in the Speedway bombing trial and what Singer described as “a clumsier-than-usual attempt by Kimberlin to mislead me.”

    BK denies, and then like the liar he is “softens” his denial of news accounts of her testimony to explain inconvenient contradictions of a flat denial – ultimately the transcript of court proceeding revealed Sandi gave just exactly the testimony he tried to convince Singer she did not.

    Sandi Barton testified than after she instructed Brett to stay away from “Jessica” Barton, that he threatened suicide because life was not worth living – Sandra said he had hit the child on at least two occasions and taken her puppy (which he had oh-so-generously gifted her, IiRC) when Jessica refused to talk to him.

    Here’s what BK (in the process of attempting to shape facts for Singer) ADMITS (pp 326 -327): He took the dog (as a punishment for not doing “something” she was “supposed to do”) and he smacked her in the face:

    “This stuff about how I hit her – I didn’t even hit her; it was just a smack on the face, a year and a half earlier. because she lied to me. This was like, in early 1977. I just smacked her [in the face. ed.] and said, ‘Don’t lie to me.’”

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  5. He is daring you to sue him. I’ll bet Acme has erroneously told him that if you do so, he’s going to get discovery. Only that’s not how it works with a libel claim – if you sue, the next move would be for him to provide his “evidence.”. If it doesn’t pass muster, you win on summary judgment. Because it is libel per se, you are entitled to damages. Why, Mr. walker could sue him in Virginia, and if you were so inclined, you could join his suit and file there, too.

  6. Isn’t it a breach of the PO for the Cabin Boy to libel Mr. Hoge, thereby making it a criminal matter as well as a civil tort?

    Also, isn’t his latest photoshop creation likely to be found harassment, just as his early works were, and thus another PO violation?

    Even if additional charges aren’t filed, it may interest some future judge or SA that while he’s stopped using @ mentions, he persists in violating a lawful court order.

    Like, say, Jan 31…

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