BS and Video Games

UrinalTargetEver thoughtful, Bill Schmalfeldt has come to the aid of Nintendo Wii owners who are struggling to achieve greatness playing the Super Pii Pii Brothers game.

He’s offering a handy practice target (Sample at left, but, no, I won’t link to it.).

I couldn’t make most of this stuff up if I tried.

9 thoughts on “BS and Video Games

  1. if someone were to make the same pic with is face in the crosshairs he’d no doubt claim it was a “threat”…
    dude seriously needs to be committed before he hurts himself or others….

  2. Remember the good old days when “BS” had an entirely different meaning for you and your minions?

    The continuing saga of crazy behavior can be amusing but it must be tiresome for you considering the emotional and financial drain.

    Here is wishing you a “BS-free” and happy new year!

  3. Remember when Governor Palin used crosshairs on a map and leftists such as Baghdad Blob lost their freaking minds as Palin *just must have* intended the crosshairs to be sinister and a threat and stuff?

    Remember when deranged cyberstalker Baghdad Blob posted a pic of himself on the interwebz with a sneerish grin on his face, holding an AR-15, with his booger hook on the bang switch?

    Remember when leftist, deranged cyberstalker Baghdad Blob (i.e., Bill Schmalfeldt of Elkridge, MD) thought it wise to use an image of John Hoge as target practice?

    Yeah. Me, too.

    • The very question I was going to ask. Would be a real shame for the Cabin Boy to be hit with yet another successful DMCA complaint.

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