Baghdad Blob’s New Bleg

As some of you may remember, Bill Schmalfeldt tried to raise $10,000 last year to fund a lawsuit against me. He received no donations. This year, he’s going first class and has a blegging campaign going to raise $25,000 (No, I won’t link to it.) As of the drafting of this post, he hasn’t raised a dime.

The following is from his appeal:

[O]ne individual was successful in getting a “peace order” against me. This gave the “Google Bombers” leave to refer to me as an adjudicated harasser. I am appealing that decision in Maryland’s highest courts.

The finding in Hoge v. Schmalfeldt that he harassed me was the basis for the peace order being issued. Schmalfeldt has already appealed the Circuit Court’s decision to the Maryland Court of Appeals (the state’s highest court) and his petition for a writ of certiorari was denied. All of his state appeals are exhausted, so, unless he is planning to file a petition for a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court of the United States on or before 19 January, that matter is decided. After that deadline, his last opportunity for appeal will have expired. Schmalfeldt often confuses one legal term with another. It may be that what he really means is that he’s appealing the six-month extension of the peace order. Whatever the case, Bill Schmalfeldt has been adjudicated a harasser, and, after 19 January, that will be unappealably final. Game over.

The Cabin Boy also writes that

I can’t find an attorney willing to represent me on a contingency …

which isn’t surprising. He has no real case. If he did, he could easily find a lawyer who would be willing to represent him on a fee-contingent basis.

… and filing a lawsuit pro se is beyond my means and ability.

That, at least, shows that he may have learned something from his foray into pro se litigation during the hearings on his motion to modify the peace order and my motion to extend it.


12 thoughts on “Baghdad Blob’s New Bleg

  1. A lot of people would make the obvious choice to stop harassing people online.

    But the Cabin Boy loves his harassment filth so much that he thinks other people should pay $25k to defend it. Since Matt Osborne and Xenophon (troll) are cheerleaders of this disgusting harassment, they should chip in the $25k. Put your money where your mouths are, gentlemen.

  2. Has anyone victimized by BS thought about starting a website documenting his activities, similar to the Deb Frisch Containment Project? Or like Support Honesty in the Kaitlyn Hunt saga? Black Betty says that she has a list about 30 people long who BS went after.

  3. It seems to me that it’s already over. If he has not yet appealed the finding that he’s harassed you, then he’s missed the window in which to appeal that matter. You don’t go directly to SCOTUS with your contention that a judge erred in making a finding of fact. Unless you like being told to go away, that is. So, maybe I’ve just stumbled upon his true motivation…

    I can’t find an attorney willing to represent me on a contingency …

    Of course he can’t. There’s no damages to be had in overturning this finding. What, is he going to give his lawyer 1/3 of his potential psychotic glee? That’s not gonna pay the bills, Bill.

  4. Yea, google does a great job documenting, just search his name. I just sent the following to Baghdad Blob after sending a note to fundanythings CEO and support guys.

    Thanks Bill, I just let fundanything know about the multiple terms of service violations your listing contains. Should’ve read those TOS before publicizing. Another Baghdad Blob fail!

  5. What I find even more amazing is Bill thinking he has a reputation to salvage. The use of “sterling” in this case made me laugh out loud. 🙂

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