New! Improved!

There’s a new look to the Breitbart Unmasked website this morning (No, I won’t link to it.). They’ve dumped the logo that Bill Schmalfeldt designed for one with a much clearer look. Here’s the old banner logo designed by the Cabin Boy—heddAnd here’s the new look—BU logo 2014

A new look for a new year? Or a quick change after a discussion on websites such as Kimberlin Unmasked about the Breitbart Unmasked/Bill Schmalfeldt connection and the bits of data the Cabin Boy leaves behind in his images.

I’m sure it’s just coincidental.

7 thoughts on “New! Improved!

  1. That right there is what we like to call a head space rent payment, due the first of the month, promptly.

  2. Don’t they realize that by REACTING this way to exposure, they just continue to confirm the truth of the accusations?

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