Is the Cabin Boy Appealing?

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My, my, my, how expected! The Cabin Boy is making noise about appealing the extension of the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt peace order, so I guess we can expect that he will be filing a notice of appeal with the Circuit Court and a petition for writ of certiorari with the Court of Appeals soon. The 30-day appeal window ends next Wednesday. He’ll probably file a motion for a stay of the extension pending appeal as well.


Around 50 years ago, Narcotics Anonymous published a definition of insanity (often incorrectly attributed to others such as Albert Einstein) as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The Cabin Boy seems set on proving that he’s deranged.

23 thoughts on “Is the Cabin Boy Appealing?

  1. You know you will lose Mr. Hoge because he found a secret weapon. Cassidy! Oh wait, he’s tried that 3 or 4 times already and was laughed out of court.

  2. Say it with me now CB, sound it out, Ray…ssss… altogether..ray.sss.joo.dee.kah.tah, raysss joodeekahtah. Thats it! you’re a big boy now aren’t you? Who’s a big boy! Who’s a big boy? Yes you is, yes you is. have a treat.

  3. I’d just like to clarify one think CB. These are legal motions, not battles. Logistically, temporally, and in most other ways they are in no way shape or form similar to military battles. To suggest that they are suitably similar and for that reason will lead to anyone’s “Downfall” is to suffer from false analogy. If you had to simultaneously attend court daily in France, Africa, and Russia maybe I could see a similar weakness but all you have right now is wishful thinking when what you desparately need is clarity of thinking.

  4. Mistaking “skirmishes” for “battles” probably goes a long ways towards explaining why Teh Cabin Buoy (intentional – he bobs, wobbles, and drifts 😉 ) has failed at so many, many things in life.

    Are ya happy with your life’s story arc, Coprophilia Bill? Do you ever wonder where life went wrong? Will anyone remember you fondly?

  5. Schmalfeldt logic: you have dogs in the house. BREAKING: JOE SHMOE HAS SEX WITH DOGS! Hey, … doesn’t he have a couple dogs?

  6. You know, maybe we have it all wrong. Clearly, the uneducated high school graduate has the legal chops of Perry Mason; the writing skills of Hemingway; the incisive logic of Plato; a knowledge of photography akin to Ansel Adams; and the medical skills and gifts of Dr. Ben Carson. That is why he lives in his pj’s. In a trailer. On social security.

    Now wittle Bill is mad, stomping his feet, and throwing a tantrum because WJJH has him pegged, once again.

  7. Is Bill Schmalfeldt appealing? I little early for Valentines posts isn’t it? And the answer is: No, he’s a morbidly obese obnoxious jerk!

    Wait, you’re talking about court? Um, probably… If he didn’t appeal he’d have to admit defeat which he seems incapable of doing. Even if defeated in court he’ll probably come out with some sort of “sekretly exonerated” story to tell people. After all, if he says it, it has to be true.

  8. Funny you mention Narcanon. I wonder if the steadfast loyalty the Kimberlin Crew has for him comes from his connections.

    And no, I don’t mean to the music or charity industries.

    • Narconon has nothing to do Narcotics Anonymous. NA is a legitimate 12-Step program. Narconon is quackery scam associated with Scientology.

        • Narconon was developed by L. Ron Hubbard. It has had a Scientology tie-in from day one. People often confuse it with Nar-Anon, the 12-Step program for the family and friends of addicts. Nar-Anon’s relationship to NA is analogous to Al-Anon’s relationship to AA.

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