One Last Post for 2013

I’ve just returned home from the U. S. District Courthouse in Greenbelt, Maryland, where I filed the following emergency motion in the RICO Madness case. The motion speaks for itself, so I will have no comment on it until after the court has ruled.

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  1. I am certainly for the Universe on this suit, but motions like this seem like a waste of both your and your lawyer’s time. No way the judge is going to amend his order. I think his hint that he would be willing to extend to others in the suit the same short extension for no particular reason, was his way of saying, there is no reason to do this but I am going to be nice about it. So you saying this was an invalid request does not change the fact that he knows this and was just being nice. However, not being a lawyer or ever involved in a law suit, I will now say, Happy New Year and may you win swiftly and decisively early in next year.

    • I suspect that there are at least two reasons to ask for reconsideration of the judge’s order even though I doubt that the judge will do so. After all, requests for reasonable extensions are granted fairly often.

      Probably the more important reason to challenge the order is to reinforce the narrative that BK is a perjurer. BK’s attestation of properly notifying Mr. Hoge is, according to the latter, false. I find it incredible that Mr. Hoge would contradict BK’ attestation falsely, meaning that BK will almost uncertainly be unable to validate his own attestation. A judge is likely to find disturbing an untruth in a statement by someone about a process completely under the control of that someone. False in one, false in all.

      The other reason is to force BK to bear the same crushing burden imposed by what is laughably called the US “justice” system as has been imposed on the defendants. Mr. Worthing is an unemployed lawyer with the time to vindicate every procedural right afforded him by law. Mr. Hoge, who is retired and likewise may have a fair amount of time available, seems quite capable of reading the rules of civil procedure and writing coherently without the aid of an attorney.

      Obviously, this is speculation on my part, and IANAL, but I have suffered through a fair share of litigation.

  2. You must be so sick of his nonsense. Please forget about it for a few days, and enjoy some holiday cheer.

    Happy New Year, Mr. Hoge!

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  4. If he’s not properly serving you and committing a fraud on the court, the proper recourse is NOT solely to ask the judge to reconsider and/or amend the extension of time (as unlikely as that is). You should be filing a motion for sanctions, including (where appropriate) fees, an extension of time to respond to HIS motion, rejection of his request in a motion, and possibly dismissal of the case (with prejudice).

    See Rule 11.

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