Program Change Notice

Apparently, the Cabin Boy’s Internet Radio 365 feed has changed again and is now Radio Victrola, the Hits of 100 Years Ago (No, I won’t link to it.). After all of Schmalfeldt’s ranting about how I use the more logical DD/MM/YYYY date system, I was amused by this from his announcement post—pupsoc20131230

8 thoughts on “Program Change Notice

  1. No wonder he couldn’t keep a job in radio. He has NO clue what he is doing. No skills, no listeners. He flails about from one failure to the next leaving a trail of deleted twitter handles and domain names in his wake.

    As someone once said, I almost feel sorry for the pathetic man until I remember all the bad things he has done to good people.

    • It’s not only that he doesn’t have a clue, it’s also that he’s a narcissist who thinks he is never wrong about anything. Most people don’t like that. 😀

  2. What Frankie said.

    I’ll simply add — “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

    Too bad CBBS is such a ginormous bag ‘o suck. Time will tell that even his attempts to mimic others’ successful efforts will eventually result in epic SchmalFAIL.

  3. Another week, another twitter handle and Internet radio station name and format.
    I suggest we begin just using an epigram in place of his name, much like the Artist Formerly Known as Prince.
    Perhaps: “Ѭ” Thye Assclown Formerly Known as Bill Schmalfeldt.

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