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RICOMadnessHere’s another interesting bit from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for extra time to file his responses to defendants who dared to file their paperwork on time in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.DocketItem18-3Hmmmm.

Is TDPK admitting that he’s in over his head? I’ll buy the fact that TDPK might be better off getting a lawyer who could help him extricate himself from the legal mess he’s made with a minimum of damage to himself. I don’t think it’s in the interest of any of the defendants. We’re all better off having him fail and fail big time.

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  1. I’m kinda curious if Brett Kimberlin has filed a parallel motion in state court for an extension so that he could obtain counsel in that lawsuit? Given that the two suits allege identical torts such as defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false light invasion of privacy, and fraud, I don’t see how he can argue that he is incompetent to pursue those claims in federal court, while simultaneously claiming to be competently pursuing the same claims in state court. Nor, do I see how all other proceeding ought to be extended as well. It would be a fundamental injustice to allow the defendant’s mail to be read given their motion to dismiss might prevail. Nor, do I see how it is in the court’s interest to humor Brett Kimberlin’s fantasy that a lawyer could polish his turd sufficiently to pass muster. Every count has numerous legal and factual insufficiencies. Obtaining counsel can neither magically make a factual basis occur, nor cure the numerous deficiencies in his filings. In addition, motions have been filed demanding that plaintiff swear to correctness of the factual and legal basis of his complaints. Obtaining counsel will allow Plaintiff to continue perpetrate frauds upon the court with legal impunity through the expedient of lying to his own counsel.

    • There was a scheduling hearing back in November, and when the judge found out that Kimberlin had neither been responding to the defendant’s filings nor serving his filing on our lawyers, the judge ordered Kimberlin to get all his tardy paperwork in to the Clerk and served on our lawyers by mid December. There’s a hearing scheduled on 13 January on three of our motions to dismiss and some other matters in the state case.

      I suspect that TDPK has figured out that the defendants won’t let him get away with similar nonsense in the RICO Madness and that he is trying to buy some time.

  2. Shouldn’t he have gotten counsel BEFORE filing these lawsuits?? Why is it somehow the courts responsibility to allow him time NOW after the defendants have started answering his suit/motions/whatevers to lawyer up because he’s in over his head?? O.o
    I would hope the court would tell him too bad so sad shoulda thoughta that BEFORE and not grant a continuance or direct him to drop the current suits and start over with counsel, but obviously I’m not a lawyer so it’ll be interesting to see what the court says.

    • He had ample time and the same resources to obtain counsel, and his failure to do so is his own fault, so it’s unlikely for him to be given extended time to do what he could have done before. He had not even obtained counsel by the time of his his fatuous begging; he had no present excuse of actually having new counsel… Only a perjuror’s promise of some vague efforts to secure the services of a (presumably) unamed person who has not agreed to represent him.
      The targets of his litigation should not be made to suffer any delay related to the insufficiency of his claims based on THAT.

  3. Dear Courts, I really thought the defendants would tremble before my mighty logic and cower under the covers. But they responded with logic and facts; I have never been able to deal with logic and facts, so it would be in your best interest to let me get a non-ACME lawyer (may I remind you they are accusing me of being the Speedway Bomber?).

  4. “I have filed over a hundred lawsuits and another one will be no sweat for me.” – Dread Legal Genius Brett Kimberlin

  5. Is the court supposed to give him an open ended timeline to search out a lawyer willing to take on his cases? Seems like a long search, maybe even perpetual?
    Is he somehow asking the court to pay for his lawyer? Seems like he’s trying to justify it as a benefit to the court and an extension of that argument would be that the court should pay for a benefit it receives.
    The really out-there left-wing possibility is for him to argue, as he seems to have started to do here, is that counsel for him would be of benefit to the defendants. I would not be all that surprised to find the squirrelly bugger ask for the defendant to pay for his lawyer.

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