Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

db201312291211ZAw, the poor Cabin Boy doesn’t think that I’ve adequately addressed all the ludicrous allegations he’s put in his tweets and posts over the past few days. OK, let me be specific in affirming what he got right—because that’s a much shorter list and will save time and pixels.

He has spelled my name correctly. Sometimes.

10 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. And his daily meltdown is in full swing. Guess that’s a good thing, since it’s probably the only exercise he gets.

  2. You don’t have to address his accusations on this blog. You only have to respond to his boss’s in court, and you have.

  3. Who is he to complain about your not addressing what he got WRONG? He gets MOST THINGS wrong. He never admits when he’s wrong. All he does it talk about how everyone else is lying, Mr. “I-spoke-to-the-clerk-when-nobody was-there” on Christmas Eve.

  4. Big, fat, full-of-fail Cabin Boy Bill sure likes to blather on-and-on and whine incessantly about others not feeling a need to entertain his psychotic ramblings, inquiries, and accusations, however, Mr. “I WANT IT ALL, DOUG!” is an old pro at the dodge-and-weave in order to avoid providing answers to simple questions asked of him.

    Case in point — SchmalFAIL has been asked more than a few times to provide the name of the court clerk he spoke with ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Crickets continue to chirp. CBBS could not be a more deceitful, hypocrite-of-the-highest-order, if he tried.

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