A Change in Attitude

Just a few days ago, Bill Schmalfeldt was in full concern troll mode because the defendants in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit and Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness were wasting time dealing with the Cabin Boy rather than focusing on the real danger facing us. Now, he’s whining because so many of those defendants have filed timely responses to The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s lawsuits, causing TDPK to have to answer those filings on a schedule that he set in place back in October.

As I’ve noted before, the expression “hoist on his own petard” initially referred to a sapper being blown up by his own explosive charge, and it seems to fit this situation quite nicely.

5 thoughts on “A Change in Attitude

  1. In other news, Cabin Boy almost sounds angry that in his eyes, you’re destroying any chance you have of prevailing in RICO Madness by writing your blog. His state of confusion is hilarious to watch. *Shock & Awe*

  2. Brett Kimberlin did some concern trolling himself when he pleaded, “Defendant Walker’s conduct has…, undermined his and his codefendant’s ability to represent their clients.” How touching for Kimberlin to have Aaron Walker’s best interests at heart!

    I could point how facing imminent deadlines in his federal case Brett Kimberlin budgeted considerable time filing an extraneous motions to strike and seek sanctions. But, why should I attempt to concern troll Kimberlin? Let him self-destruct. If Aaron Walker or John Hoge were truly undermining their own case why should Schmalfeldt do anything other than step aside and let them?

    • Kimberlin’s genius plan for dealing with this RICO joke was: he’d enlist a pathetic crew of sad-sacks like NR and BS. Somehow posting tweets and spinning absurd lies on their untrafficked blogs was supposed to help.

      Too bad BK can’t find any more Excellent Friends who can blog and tweet his way out of the comedy of errors he’s creating.

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