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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is upset with Aaron Walker because of his filing of a memorandum in support of Kimberlin’s Unmasked motion to quash the subpoena to Google for information on KU’s identity. TDPK has filed his own motions in response to the memorandum attacking Aaron Walker’s standing to file the memorandum and seeking to have him sanctioned. He has not attempted to rebut any of the facts or law presented in the memorandum.

That’s not surprising. It’s a general rule that when the facts are against you, you should stress the law; that when the law is against you, you should stress the facts; and that when the facts and the law are both against you, yell and bang on the table. TDPK’s motions are essentially legal table banging.

Meanwhile, back at the RICO Madness, Kimberlin’s responses to my motion to dismiss and the similar motion from DB Capitol Strategies are due on Monday, 30 December, and Monday, 6 January, respectively. Responses to the motions to dismiss from Aaron Walker and The Franklin Center and motions to require verified pleadings from TDPK filed by Aaron Walker and me are all due shortly thereafter.

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  1. Merry Christmas, John!
    I’m sure Schmalfeldt’s newfound love for God has zero to do with recent events in his life. /s
    I appreciate you keeping us up to speed on the case & ACME Law’s ignorance & shenanigans. Lol

    • Rule 5 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure states that copies of all papers should be served on all parties unless the court orders otherwise.

      • This case is getting weirder. Named defendants have not been served, various versions of the complaint have been mailed but not filed with the court, and service has been attempted through email instead of per civ pro rules. Very odd.

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